Alberto Contador visits Trek factory

Spaniard gets wall of fame to commemorate Grand Tour wins

Trek Bicycle welcomed three-time Grand Tour champion Alberto Contador to its world headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin on November 6, by honouring him with a commemorative wall display recognizing his historic Grand Tour wins during his first visit to the facility.


Team Astana racer Contador, who’s among an elite group of riders who have each won all three of the Grand Tours of cycling – the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España – stopped off at Trek as part of his four-day visit to the United States, which started with wind tunnel testing in San Diego and culminated with his visit to Waterloo. The wall display, located in Trek’s Atrium, showcases Madones from each of Contador’s Grand Tour wins – the Madone he rode into Paris in 2007, a replica of the pink Madone he rode into Milano in June, and a replica of the gold Madone he rode into Madrid in September. While at Trek, Contador also toured Trek’s production facilities and met with Trek’s Advanced Component Group (ACG).

“We invited Alberto to Trek to show him that Trek is a family, and that whether he realized it or not, we think of him as a member of that family,” noted Trek’s Astana team liaison Ben Coates. “We wanted to thank him for everything he’s done for us. And to show him all the things we’re doing for him.”

Contador (r) looks on as trek employees hear president john burke talk about contador’s bikes.: contador (r) looks on as trek employees hear president john burke talk about contador’s bikes.
Trek Bicycle

Contador started his visit to Trek with a brief meeting with Trek’s President John Burke, who welcomed the cycling star and personally thanked him for representing the Trek brand in true champion’s fashion. ACG Team Engineer Mark Andrews then led Contador on a tour of Trek’s manufacturing plant, including a behind-the-scenes look at Trek’s state-of-the-art OCLV Carbon facilities.

Andrews also took Contador into Trek’s paint shop to watch Project One artisans turn blank carbon canvases into rolling works of art. Then it was off to ACG, where Andrews and the rest of the ACG team discussed current and future technologies development with the Tour star. Finally, Contador stopped off at Trek’s brand new Design Center to review potential product concepts.

Following Contador’s tour, John Burke led a company-wide presentation in Trek’s Atrium to unveil the new Contador tribute wall.

Trek president john burke presents alberto contador with a new ‘stealth’ trek madone.: trek president john burke presents alberto contador with a new ‘stealth’ trek madone.
Trek Bicycle

“We have a great honour to have the winner of the Tour, the Giro, and the Vuelta here with us,” said Burke. “One of the things I always talk about here is making history. We like to do things that people will remember for a very long time. As a company we’ve been able to do that. And you [Contador] have helped Trek make history. So we wanted to give you something that will last a very long time. Winning three Grand Tours in just 14 months time is an incredible accomplishment, and we thought that as a gift from Trek, we would create an Alberto wall here at Trek so that your accomplishments are forever here. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”