Aldi bike stuff on sale next week

Bike bits for the budget-conscious

Battery powered pump

Make a note of the date and set your alarm clock to beat the e-Bay re-sellers because Aldi, our joint-favourite German discount retailer, will be selling cycling products in stores across the country from Thursday, July 17.


Gear on sale includes cycling glasses at £2.99, wireless cycle computer with heart rate monitor for £12.99, car rack for £24.99 and a handy “Bike lift” at £4.99 to hoist your bike out of the way in the garage, when not in use. Other highlights include a gel saddle cover and a battery powered pump.


Judging by the kit we’ve reviewed in the past, and the feedback we’ve had from users of BikeRadar during previous Aldi offers, this kit will be a welcome appearance for riders on a budget, or those who like a bargain.