Andreu Lacondeguy wins second Qashqai Challenge

Urban freeride on the streets of Madrid

The second leg of the Nissan Qashqai Urban Challenge took place in the Spanish capital over the weekend and the event saw Andreu Lacondeguy storm to the top of the podium. His final run featured a superman back flip, into a 360 on the step up, to turn-down on the step down, to a huge extended superman, followed by a clean 360 tailwhip to pedals. See the run in all its glory, here.


Greg Watts was close second with a run featuring a suicide back flip to barspin, into a no-footed cancan on the step up, barspin on the step down, superman seat-grab, into a truck driver to reverse bar spin.  Benny Korthaus pulled off the biggest 360-tables of the day and a couple perfect 360-whips, KyleStrait had his double whips dialled, and Amir Kabbani also rode incredibly well rounding out the top five. 

The competition for the final five qualifying slots for Munich and London was incredibly tight. Mitchell Chubey, Bartek Obukowicz, Alex Reveles, Tyler McCaul and Andi Wittman can prepare themselves for the big battle urban freeride, which starts next weekend in Germany.

Competition organisers have been so impressed with the level of riding in Milan and Madrid that they have decided to collaborate with the judges and award five additional wildcard slots to bump the final rider line-up from twenty five to thirty riders at the next two Nissan Qashqai Challenge events.

The riders are Martin Soederstroem (winner of Milan’s qualifying), Marius Hoppensack (10th in Milan), Andrew Taylor, Geoff Gulevich and Cameron Zink who all put in solid performances in Madrid

Madrid’s Final Results:

1  Andreu Lacondeguy    SPA            KONA

2  Greg Watts                USA            GARY FISHER

3 Benny Korthaus          GER            SPECIALIZED

4  Kyle Strait                 USA            SPECIALIZED

5 Amir Kabbani              GER            CANNONDALE

6 Mitchell Chubey           CAN            NSMB.COM

7 Bartek Obukowicz       POL             NS BIKES

8 Alex Reveles               USA            SANTA CRUZ

9 Tyler McCaul               USA            SPECIALIZED

10  Andi Wittman          GER             GIANT BICYCLES

11  Andrew Taylor          USA            VERSUS CYCLES

12  Kurtis Sorge            CAN            GIANT BICYCLES

13 Gulevich Geoff           CAN            ROCKY MOUNTAIN

14 Lance McDermott       GBR           SCOTT BIKES


15  Anton Gustavson     SWE           FIRE EYE