Argon 18’s concept bike knows exactly how aero you are

No need for wind tunnel time with this aero road bike concept

Standing proudly at Argon 18’s stand at this year’s Eurobike show was a forward-thinking concept bike. Incorporating a system of 30 sensors, the bike can pull data from itself, its rider and its surroundings, which it can then use to display a realtime CdA reading on the bike’s drag area. Ultimately, it provides data that you’d normally only get from a wind tunnel session — but on any ride.


The system, which owes its brains to a computer integrated into the bike’s cockpit, can be used to give riders useful feedback for refining their position either during or after a ride. In-built GPS plus WiFi and ANT+ integration also opens further doors for amazing but borderline creepy tech.

For instance, the bike can use data from previous rides and combine it with weather and wind speed data to tell you when conditions are optimum to attack your personal bests.

Yes, that’s an airspeed sensor, the same thing that you’d find at the front of a plane
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media
Despite this being a concept bike, most of the technology within it is already functional and has been proven through testing on other Argon 18 test mules.

Other notable features are the use of bolt-thru-axles at each end and trick aero disc brakes, which tuck standard calipers away inside the assembly of the fork and chainstay — the latter also gets integrated cooling fins. Argon 18’s one-piece handlebar and stem is also interesting, integrating shift levers and rubberised sections in place of bar tape.

No lumpy caliper to disrupt the airflow
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

Argon 18 has been working on this technology for two years already and, although it’s not yet clear exactly where and when it’ll end up coming to market, it’s seriously impressive stuff from a manufacturer of this size.