Arse on the Line

"I never want to go to the States. You tell me I haven't got to and I'll stay in Britain where I'm h

Rob Warner has sacked off the States to go for UK title

“I never want to go to the States. You tell me I haven’t got to and I’ll stay in Britain where I’m happiest. And there’s no reason to go this year. I had a shit start to the World Cups so it’s go all that way to do what? No points so there’s no point.”


“I got 8th last weekend in the NPS, I’m getting faster all the time and the leg’s feeling OK. I’m really on it and up for it now. Enjoying getting my arse kicked.”

“Well, not that exactly, no one likes getting beat, but I am enjoying the feeling that I have to do well. I have to compete.”

“The great thing is there are so many good riders coming through now – Gee, Dan Atherton, Marc Beaumont, Donny, all those guys and DH racing is becoming very serious again in the UK. It’s a good atmosphere.”

“The important thing is to get some of these riders doing well at World Cup level while Steve is still up there.”

“I don’t know what happened though. It seems only yesterday I was the young guy coming up, pushing everyone else out of the way. Then I won a World Cup race and everyone was talking about me. It’s a weird feeling. I suppose I must be approaching the end of a sporting career and it seems like I’ve just begun.”

“But don’t get too excited boyz, I’ve got a good few ballsout runs in me yet.”


Pics 1-3:Rob training for the 03 season…