Art rock virtuoso Andrew Bird loves bicycling

Chicago native building fan base with violin, whistling

Singer/musician Andrew Bird gives a bicycle-riding interview on

Musician Andrew Bird not only has the gaunt, angular face and quirky mannerisms like former Talking Heads singer David Byrne, he also shares the same passion when not in the studio or touring:  bicycling.


Bird, 34, is one of the more eclectic artists on the music charts, with a heavy emphasis on violin, guitar and whistling. His live concerts are gaining international recognition because Bird plucks the violin, adds some guitar and whistling, all while recording loops of the bites to create a different sound. He’s usually accompanied by a drummer and bass player.

The Chicago native has released three albums under his own name in recent years:  Weather Systems (2003), The Mysterious Production of Eggs (2005), and Armchair Apochrypha (2007). Bird has said he has always enjoyed bicycling for relaxing and pleasure, and says it helps him creatively.

“It’s interesting; walking and riding bikes frees my mind,” Bird said during an on-the-bike interview with “There’s some about repetitive activity that changes my outlook during the day.”

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