2012 Pinnacle road and mountain bikes - First look

Designer James Olsen puts focus on geometry

After the addition of 30 new bikes in 2011, Pinnacle's road and mountain line-ups remain largely unchanged for 2012. Some model ranges have been expanded, and prices have been brought down. For example, there's now a fourth Dolomite alloy road bike, and the entry-level model is £50 cheaper, at £500.

Though there are no new bikes, designer James Olsen has still been busy in his first year at the company since his move from fellow UK brand Genesis. He's revised the geometry of every single bike to bring sizing consistency across the range – something that wouldn't have been possible if models had been revised step by step.

James told BikeRadar that he's trying to move away from model years at Pinnacle, instead introducing new bikes as and when they're ready. He highlights the new entry-level Arkose One cyclo-cross bike as a prime example – this is being held back until Shimano's new Sora groupset becomes available later this summer. Also in the pipeline is the brand's first foray into 29er mountain bikes. Check out the image gallery for a closer look at the range.

The £1,000, Shimano 105 equipped Arkose Three tops the Pinnacle cyclo-cross range and will be available nearer to 'cross season

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