4X National Championships

The most notable thing about the National 4X Championships was Tracy Moseley's win. It was only at t

Dale's win too predictable?
The most notable thing about the National 4X Championships was Tracy Moseley's win. It was only at the beginning of this season that she started to get serious about 4X (you may have seen one of her early jump-training sessions with Ross Tricker in MBUK this year); but it's paying off.

You don't see any of that athletic angst when you're talking to Tracy. The twisted desire to show everyone else who's best and all that goes with it is well hidden if it's there at all. Good humour, good nature and immense enjoyment oif life are what come over hottest and strongest.

Maybe you can enjoy your racing and win after all. How encouraging.

The senior men's race was rather too predictable if you listened to the moaners who insist 4X is just grown up BMX.

Dale Holmes is a pro, although there are those who hope his increasingly harsh tactical riding is a sign that his legs are going a bit. Dream on.

Scott Beaumont and Nigel Page have both come back from severe injury to take 2 & 3 with Oggie in 4.

Yep, they're all BMX racers, some of them at the very highest level. Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Or doesn't it matter a toss? The jury (that's you) is still out.

MBUK's Will Longden was riding well, although his back is still giving him pain. He got through to the semi-finals before clashing with Dan Atherton. Both rose from the dust, took off the helmets and shouted 'Damn that hurt!' Then fell about laughing/crying/screaming/swearing.

Will thinks he has a couple of broken ribs and a twisted knee cap, plus a bump on the head, but all will be mended by this weekend for the NPS in Scotland.

Not a bad weekend for the rest of Team MBUK. Ben Stephenson took 1st place in Youth and James Gould was 3rd in Junior.

Senior Women
Tracy Moseley
Helen Gaskell
Kim Offey
Caroline Mackinley

Senior Men
Dale Holmes
Scott Beaumont
Nigel Page
Martin Ogden

Ben Stephenson
Brendon Fairclough
Toby Frith
Ian Ward

Gee Atherton
Jordan Gould
James Gould
Daniel Yeomans
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