A Hans Rey Day

The first email to tell us the result of the Red Bull Rampage came from Hans Rey. Hans Rey at the Re

He invented extreme MTB and the madness never stops...
The first email to tell us the result of the Red Bull Rampage came from Hans Rey. Hans Rey at the Red Bull Rampage - it's an apt and interesting combination.

Hans was the guy who invented the idea of getting paid for doing crazy and dangerous stunts. It was Hans who saw that riding down through the lava flow from an active volcano would make good TV. Hans who saw trials as entertainment before anyone saw its high geek potential. Hans, in short, who made extreme mountain biking happen. He was doing it before MBUK and inspired a lot of our early lunacy. He's still doing it. Time to catch up:

Hi Hans, what's the most exciting thing that you've been doing around bikes since we last spoke?

"I just got back from a little road trip, my last stop was the Red Bull Rampage. It was a really cool event. Cedric Gracia won it. It's nice to see how this whole extreme biking movement has evolved

How's life is treating Hans Rey as a human being?

"Life is alright, I've been going through a divorce the past few years, but now most everything is settled and I can concentrate on my life and career again."

What's next?

"I just signed a contract with GT for another two years and most of my other sponsors as well. I'm going to Japan at the end of October with Brian Lopes for a promo tour.

And someone's just finished a documentary film about my career! It will be on video/DVD soon. There's a short trailer on my homepage;"

So what's a day in your life like these days?

"I was just filming for a new video with Ot Pi in Las Vegas - we had great time and drove around in an excursion limo all day long...."
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