Ag2r DS detained by police

Agr2 directeur sportif Laurent Biondi has been arrested at his home in the French Alps on suspicion

Agr2 directeur sportif Laurent Biondi has been arrested at his home in the French Alps on suspicion
PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM Laurent Biondi, a directeur sportif with the French Ag2r team, has been detained by French police as part of a Bordeaux-based investigation into a Belgo-French doping ring. According to the AFP news agency, Biondi, 44, was arrested at his home in the Grenoble suburb of Seyssinet Pariset on Wednesday morning. Police later took Biondi to the Ag2r headquarters in Chambry and spent an hour searching his office there. According to Friday's L'Equipe, the investigators suspect that Biondi had 'pot belge' in his possession, a potent mixture of heroin, cocaine and amphetamines, and were attempting to establish whether the product was being held for his own use. Biondi's wife was also questioned by police but has not been detained. Biondi is due to taken to Bordeaux for questioning by prosecutors investigating a doping ring based in France but believed to be bringing in doping products from Belgium. The ring was broken up when French police made a series of arrests in January, including those former pro Laurent Roux and his brother Fabien. The Roux brothers are among eight people still detained in prison on suspicion of being part of the ring. AFP also reports that a second person who is close to the cycling fraternity but is "not a professional" has been arrested and will also appear before the Bordeaux investigators next week. Ag2r team boss Vincent Lavenu was perplexed by the news that one of his right-hand men has been implicated in a doping investigation. "I'm afraid of this. Cycling doesn't need it and we don't either," Lavenu told L'Equipe. Earlier this week Lavenu signed a code of good conduct for continental teams with hopes of getting into the ProTour. If a judicial case is started against Biondi the Ag2r DS will be automatically removed from this post according to the remit of an ethical charter signed by all French teams last season. "If a case is begun against Laurent Biondi we will stick to the remit of the charter," said Lavenu, who added: "I can't square this news with this man I know so well."
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