Assos put focus on eyewear with new Zegho sunglasses

Range is a collaboration with lens makers Carl Zeiss

Eyewear is a new string to the bow of Swiss cycle clothing brand Assos and due to their inexperience in the field, they brought on board no fewer than nine specialist companies – including lens makers Carl Zeiss – to help develop the Zegho range.

With all cycling glasses optics are key, and it's here where the new Assos eyewear grabbed our attention. All three models – Noire, Werksmannschaft and Amplify– have huge, visor-like lenses that cover a substantial portion of the face and feature what Assos call Tunnel Vision. 

The lower third of the lens is clear, with a sharp transition to tinted in the upper two-thirds. This means that if you enter a tunnel you can tilt your head upwards and stop your world from going dark. Assos say they've steered clear of polarised lenses, because cutting out reflection can be hazardous in wet conditions, and photochromic lenses, on the basis that they don't change quickly enough to keep up with the rapidly changing environment of road cycling.

Assos amplify: assos amplify
Assos amplify: assos amplify

Assos Amplify

The Zegho range (pronounced 'Zay-go') is available now, via Yellow in the UK. Prices start at £299.99 ($399) for the Amplify, rising to £309.99 ($429) for the Werksmannschaft and £319.99 (US$469) for the Noire. All models are hand made in Italy, one-size-fits-all and offer 100 percent UV protection and water repellence. For more details, check out

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