Aston Hill to reopen soon

For the National Demo Series and for good...

Our National Demo Series will be hitting Aston Hill on Sunday, April 6, and it’ll be the first time the Hill has been open since December 2007, when the lease negotiations between Buckingham Bikes and the Forestry Commission mutually lapsed.

The gates to the Chilterns mountain bike centre will be especially opened for the Demo Series, followed by a committee meeting on Monday, April 7 between Aston Hill Mountain Bikers club, the CTC and the Forestry Commission. If all sides can reach a concensus it may not be too long until the gates are open for good.

Aston Hill Mountain Bikers Chairman Richard Abbott said: “While I can’t say too much, as there’s a lot to get organised, things are looking encouraging.”

The Chilterns have even been mentioned in connection with the search to find new venue for the 2012 Olympic Mountain biking competition following the rejection by the UCI of Weald Park in Essex.

Meanwhile, the club, Forestry Commission and CTC have asked for riders not to use the Aston Hill trails until they are officially reopened.

In anticipation of the trails being reopened permanently, a new website has been launched to provide an accurate source of information regarding the re-development of Aston Hill. Any news relating to the Hill will be posted there.

To find out more information on the National Demo Series, and how you can ride top of the range bikes for free at Aston Hill’s downhill, cross-country and 4X tracks go to the booking website.

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