Attention: Low flying bidons

Traditional race souvenirs suddenly got more valuable

Getting hit in the face by a flying water bottle isn’t usually considered a barrel of laughs, but CamelBak and Scott Saunier Duval are hoping to change the negative perceptions commonly associated with a jettisoned bidon strike.

In a promotional twist to a great cycling tradition, over the course of this year’s three Grand Tours, riders from the Scott Saunier Duval team will lob a total of 1,200 ‘special’ bidons into the crowd.  First seen at this year’s Tour of California, the ‘Pick up the Podium’ promotion will resume at the Giro d'Italia in May followed by the Tour de France in July and Vuelta a Espana in September .

The promotion is designed to inform people about CamelBak’s new sustainable hydration project, ‘Choose to Re-Use', and the associated CamelBak Podium Bottles. In true Willie Wonka style, each bottle in a limited edition set  will carry a secret promotional code. If you catch one - or perhaps throttle the 13-year old who did and nab it for yourself on the grounds that you probably travelled further than he did to get to the race and therefore deserve it more - you just email the code to CamelBak to claim your prize.

The goodies will include CamelBak Saunier Duval t-shirts and Buffs, CamelBak packs, Fizik saddles and various offical Castelli Saunier Duval bits and bobs. There will also be some ‘grand prizes’ including  Fizik Arione Carbon saddles (one per race), Castelli Saunier Duval uniforms and Scott Carbon shoes. The word from our inside man at CamelBak is that a Scott Addict frame could be offered as a sort of ‘Golden Ticket’ prize, but we’re probably not supposed to tell you that.

However, to stand the best change of bagging an airborne refreshment dispenser and hence of scoring some heavily branded freebies, you may need to adopt some subtle rider manipulation tactics.  The traditional “un bidon SVP” written on a piece of cardboard attached to the underside of an open car boot lid simply may not be enough to secure what is bound to be a highly sought after Grand Tour souvenir. If you've got any ideas, log in and share them below.

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