Australia appeals Tyler's gold

Australia's Olympic committee has joined Russia's in launching an appeal against Tyler Hamilton's go

Australia's Olympic committee has joined Russia's in launching an appeal against Tyler Hamilton's go
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE The Australian Olympic Committee has followed its Russian equivalent in lodging an appeal with the Court for Arbitration in Sport against Tyler Hamilton's victory in the time trial event at the Athens Olympics. The AOC is hoping to claim a bronze medal for Michael Rogers, who finished fourth in Athens, while the Russians are hoping that silver medallist Viatcheslav Ekimov will be promoted to the gold medal. Hamilton's Olympic success was tinged with controversy when it was subsequently revealed that an A sample taken in Athens had shown evidence of blood doping. The issue was complicated when the International Olympic Committee announced that Hamilton's B sample could not be tested because it had been improperly stored. The IOC said it would not be take any further action against the American, but the controversy deepened when Hamilton tested positive for blood doping at the Tour of Spain less than a month after his Olympic success. Although Hamilton has vociferously denied blood doping, he has been suspended from competition by his Phonak team and faces a two-year ban for the positive test at the Vuelta. AOC director of sport Craig Philips told AFP Australia hoped to see Hamilton stripped of his title. "Given there was blood doping, we think there is a chance that even though there has been some contamination of the B sample there may be an argument to say, well, the B sample may not be relevant," Phillips said. "That's the case we're now pursuing with the Court of Arbitration for Sport along with the Russians. We're hopeful that something might happen and it will be good for Michael if it does."
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