Q: You had an idea for an article about women downhillers which is coming out in MBUK next issue. In

Jaymie Mart has kicked lots of butt to get an article on the less well known women downhillers into MBUK. She's rated 5th Nationally yet she says she's crap. What's going on?
Q: You had an idea for an article about women downhillers which is coming out in MBUK next issue. In it you keep saying you're crap. How come? False modesty? Surely not?

A: Man...I'm a bum student who drinks too much and partys to often.....I study in Aberdeen, it's right next to the sea 'n a car's drive from the hills...the surf's good and a healthy distraction...I don't drive so I ride very little when I'm here. I'm royally crap in comparison to Tracey and Fi...I'm sure Tracey will tell you how hard it is to do justice to your riding when you're a student. I know I could do myself justice if I could spend more time in the saddle!

Q: Why did you think MBUK should run a story about women anyway?

A: There are plenty of chiquitas who, I'm sure, flick through the pages of bike mags whilst sat on the bog wondering whether any girls actually ride! Women get very little coverage nowadays in comparison to the days of Karen Van Meerbek, Helen Mortimer and Emma Guy...I used to read mags when I just started and took inspiration from reading about the top birdies in the country....from a guy's point of view...well...girls 'n bikes? They love it! Ae Rob!

Q: Warner says you should take up swimming or something, what do you have to say to the auld sod?

A: He should take some of his own advice...swimming's better on the joints of the me, I'm a Sports Scientist!

Q: Seriously. Looking forward to next season?

A: Oooo I! I damaged a ligament in my knee at the last round of the Worlds in Kaprun...I've been having Physio and see the specialist at the end of the soon as get the all clear I'll be back on the bike and getting back up to speed...I've got high hopes for next season as I finish Uni for good I will be able to give it all I got!

Q: What's that West Indian woman with the Suffolk accent doing answering your mobile.

A: That's my Mama...she's West Indian....big, black and beautiful! She recorded a lilt style answering machine message for me!

Q: The obvious half of you that comes from Barbados is your personality. What's it like being a white Cumbrian with a big, in your face, Barbados Style? Cause confusion sometimes?

A: Yea it can provide a lot of entertainment! My Mum taught at my old high expected with teenage kids, the colour difference caused confusion, I think they would have found it easier to comprehend if they met my Dad...he's white as a sheep with ginger hair! What's even more ironic is that my Grandpa is the former Archbishop of the West Indies! Boooyaka, kiss ma eeag!
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