Basso and Mancebo out of Tour

Tour of Italy winner Ivan Basso of CSC and Ag2r team captain Francisco Mancebo have also been withdr

Tour of Italy winner Ivan Basso of CSC and Ag2r team captain Francisco Mancebo have also been withdr
PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM Hot on the heels of the announcement that Jan Ullrich is out of this year's Tour de France, race favourite Ivan Basso of CSC and Ag2r's Francisco Mancebo have also been confirmed as non-starters. The two riders were each notified by their teams that they would not ride after the Tour organisation, ASO, received an official document from the Spanish authorities. Speaking to the press in Strasbourg ahead of Saturday's prologue, race director Christian Prudhomme said: "We were very happy to hear T-Mobile's decision to take their three personnel out of the race. We had expected an official document from the Spanish authorities for some days. We've now received that from the Spanish civil guard and the interior ministry." It was this document that led T-Mobile to withdraw Jan Ullrich and his T-Mobile manager Rudy Pevenage, plus team-mate Oscar Sevilla, on Friday morning. "Riders on other teams are being informed now," Prudhomme continued. "They'd been out training. [CSC manager] Bjarne Riis is telling Basso. [Ag2r boss] Vincent Lavenu is telling Mancebo." It's also thought that members of the Astana-Wurth team could also now be excluded, despite the Court of Arbitration for Sport's (CAS) decision on Thursday that the team would be able to ride the Tour. "With regard to the Astana team, it's sad that the document came too late," said Prudhomme. "It's a more complex situation because many more riders from the team are involved. Some of them are on the race; some of them are not. If we'd had this information 24 hours earlier, we would have had more evidence to put in front of the CAS." The teams' association, the AIGCP, met for an extraordinary meeting on Friday morning, in which it was decided to support the Tour 100 per cent in their decision to inform the teams of the riders involved. "We've been unanimous in applying the ethical code," AIGCP president Patrick Lefevere, also the manager of the Quick Step-Innergetic squad who will compete at the Tour, said. Lefevere explained that none of the teams would be allowed to replace those withdrawn from the race with reserve riders. "It would be too easy to replace the riders who have been prevented from riding, and we wanted to send a very strong signal," he explained. "None of the riders will be replaced."
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