Beloki considers all three tours

Now with his third team in little more than a year, Joseba Beloki is hoping to get as much riding in

Now with his third team in little more than a year, Joseba Beloki is hoping to get as much riding in
PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM Joseba Beloki has said that his main aim this season is to compete as much as he possibly can, and with this in mind he is even toying with the idea of riding all three major tours. Beloki also told Marca that he is now fully recovered from the injuries he sustained in his race-ending crash at the 2003 Tour de France and believes that all he now lacks is competition. "I want to set some big objectives for myself this year, and one of them is to ride whatever I can, and for that reason I'm considering the possibility of riding all three major tours and going through all the way to the Worlds because this year they are in Madrid," the Spaniard told Marca. "After the season I have had what interests me most is racing. I am convinced that I am totally recovered from the leg and elbow injuries [received at the Tour], and what I need now is to feel like I'm a cyclist again so that I can return to the level that I was once at." The first step in that process was taken at the Tour de Langkawi, where Beloki made no bones about the fact he was racing for training and not for an overall position. "My goal from here through to the Tour de France is to ride as much as I can in order to regain confidence in my ability and return to my level before the crash in 2003." That objective is set to take him to the Tour of Murcia, Tirreno-Adriatico, Semana Catalana, the Tour of Romandy and the Giro, where he hope to be at his best during the final mountainous week. If he completes that programme and makes the Liberty Seguros team for the Tour, he will start that race with 60 days of competition in his legs, more than twice that of most potential contenders.
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