Bettini against DNA testing

Paolo Bettini doesn't believe that DNA testing is necessary to combat doping in cycling, but does ag

Paolo Bettini doesn't believe that DNA testing is necessary to combat doping in cycling, but does ag
PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM World champion Paolo Bettini continues to be strongly against routine DNA testing in cycling. "If I'm asked for a DNA sample, I'm also prepared to stop racing. I've won a lot and this is one step too far," he was quoted as saying after being awarded the Giglio d'Oro in Italy. Bettini did agree that in some cases it was necessary as an anti-doping measure. "It's good to require a DNA sample from riders who have bags of blood at home. If they say that the blood doesn't belong to them, then it's a good idea to test their DNA. Otherwise, it is a measure that doesn't serve for anti-doping." On its own, a DNA test won't be able to determine whether an athlete has used a performance enhancing substance. It can only be used in cases like Operaci¢n Puerto, which is trying to determine who belongs to the blood found at the residences of Dr Eufemiano Fuentes and Jose Merino Batres. Bettini questions Basso's stance Bettini also criticised Ivan Basso for appearing to change his stance on DNA testing, pre- and post-signing for Discovery Channel. "When I said in October that I was against the DNA test, I immediately got an sms from Basso," said Bettini. "He was happy with my standpoint. Less than 20 days later, he agreed to have a DNA test. Basso is prepared to go along with the DNA test because he also knows that the 'Spanish blood bags' will not be released." In response, Basso said that he spoke to Bettini about the matter. "I explained to him my position on the DNA test, which is the official position of the team," Basso told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "I am only making myself available if I'm asked to by a judge, with the necessary legal guarantees. And I'm not just doing this now, but I already did it at the first hearing of the CONI anti-doping commission."
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