Astronomical promotion for bike mechanic who lands job offer from NASA

"I’ll be building spacecraft that will travel to Mars and beyond"

A bike mechanic at a Los Angeles bike shop has landed himself with a position at NASA after impressing a customer of his that worked at the space agency.

That’s according to a news story posted by Cyclingindustrynews, which picked up on the individual’s post to the Professional Bike Mechanic’s Association board on Facebook.

Apparently, Stephen Partida, a local to Santa Monica, California, impressed the NASA employee so much by keeping his bicycle in ‘top shape’ that a job offer was soon on the table. Judging by the job description listed at his current employer Bikeeffect, it seems he accepted, too – something that was confirmed in his message to other mechanics on the Facebook page.

“I’ve decided to leave the bike industry. Reason being, a customer of mine offered me a job with NASA. How could I say no?”

Patrida went on to explain just how he landed the job and what he’s expected to be doing in his new role.

The alter egos of your customers would surprise you

“He liked my attitude, work ethic and my quality of work. I kept his bicycle in top shape and it payed [sic] off tremendously. I’ll be building spacecraft that will travel to Mars and beyond.”

His post continued with words to inspire other bike mechanics as well as advice on dealing with customers: “Don’t underestimate your own abilities as bicycle mechanics. You do great things. You stem from a long lineage of greats and you are capable of doing greater things.”

“Don’t discount a single customer that walks in your doors. Treat everyone with the same level of respect you would want to be treated with. The alter egos of your customers would surprise you.”

Stellar work!

Oli Woodman

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