BikeRadar is at Eurobike 2016! Rejoice at all the new bike gear

We're about to show you a lot of new stuff

It's finally here, Eurobike 2016. The world's biggest bike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, so big it literally needs zeppelin hangars to fit inside. Hit the link below for the highlights.

There's the fanciest, the shiniest, the latest and the most innovative bikes and gear to be found here, all of which are being presented to the industry and press before they go on sale for 2017. We are here.

Yup, literally needs zeppelin hangars to fit it all in
Yup, literally needs zeppelin hangars to fit it all in

Over the next three days, our team of reporters and video crew will be roaming the massive halls to find the very best gear worth knowing about. It'll be a hard slog getting round it all, and we may stop for a currywurst occasionally, but we'll get the job done, of that you can be sure.

When your editor asks you for a colour piece…
When your editor asks you for a colour piece…

From gear news to first rides, interviews to photo galleries, we're going big this year. We're also doing 'BikeRadar Loves This', where we'll hand pick our favourite items at the show and present them all to you at the end, on Friday 2nd September.

So keep checking back to BikeRadar often over the next few days and keep an eye on our Eurobike 2016 news and highlights page and gorge yourself on all the cycling goodness.

Jamie Beach

Deputy Editor, UK
Jamie's been addicted to bikes from the moment his stabilisers came off. Earliest cycling memory is the chipboard-ramp-on-bricks, but happiest one is bombing down a Mallorcan mountain pass that seemed it might never end. Always on the hunt for the perfect rain jacket, a keen collector of hats.
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