BikeRadar Live 2010 to host King of Dirt jump comp

Huge tricks galore with £400 prize fund

Just when you thought we couldn’t add any more amazing reasons to come to BikeRadar Live 2010, we’re now hosting round three of the elite King of Dirt jump series.

Based on the childhood game of HORSE, riders will pick a trick out of a hat and then try to pull it off on the purpose-built BikeRadar Live dirt jumps. Any rider who doesn’t make the trick gets a letter, until they spell out KOD, with the last rider remaining wining a share of a prize pot totalling £400.

Last year’s King of Dirt title was claimed by Sam Reynolds – who also won the innaugural MBUK Dirt Jump Invitational – and we’re expecting some of the best dirt jumpers in the land including Blake and Ray Samson, Grant Fielder and Sam Pilgrim to compete at BikeRadar Live.

To make the contest even more interesting, King of Dirt are handing one final detail over to the competitors to decide: do we run the round as pairs or singles? If we run pairs, riders can take it in turns to pull tricks but aren't allowed to do more than two in a row. There’ll be a poll on the King of Dirt facebook group and we’ll announce the results nearer the time.

For more information or to enter, visit and download an entry form. Closing date is Monday 21 June 2010. For more on BikeRadar Live visit

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