BikeRadar Live: Oomph! to massage throughout the weekend

Invigoration and relief on offer for riders

As part of the many activities on offer throughout the weekend of BikeRadar Live, which takes place on 10-11 July, Oomph’s masseuses will be on hand to ease your aches and pains or invigorate your body*.

Oomph! will be offering pre-sportive massages to prepare and invigorate riders, as well as being on-hand to ease tired legs after riding and racing in order to promote healing and reducing pain.

Joanne Besser from Oomph! said: “Sports massage can prevent injuries while restoring mobility to injured muscle tissue. Having a pre-race massage can boost performance and regular massages can maintain the body generally in better condition.”

*(additional fee of £15 for 15 minutes or £30 for 30 mins)

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