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Hungry for new product? Take a bite of this lot

New for 2009 are the Rockshox SID, Reba and Revelation, as well as the swanky new Avid Elixir brakes.  We didn’t get to ride the SID on this opportunity, but we have one in the post as I write this, so I’ll start with the Reba…

Essentially, the lightweight Reba is the fork that really put Rockshox back on the map again for the mass market- and it’s certainly been one of our favourites over the last couple of years.. For 2009 it’s been souped up with a stiffer lower and two-travel options- 100 and 120mm of travel. There are also options of the Maxle Lite system or regular QR dropouts. 

The Maxle Lite is still a 20mm system, and the unit itself is compatible with other 20mm Maxle forks such as the Pike, but it’s substantially lighter. And if you’re being finicky about things, then we’ll even argue that the action is quicker than a regular ‘quick’ release anyway.

Internally, the Reba forks feature new Motion control damping- and the Team model gets an upgraded Blackbox damping unit with a titanium spring tube. Like the far bigger brothers ‘Lyrik’ and ‘Totem’, the Reba now utilize the power bulges in the lower leg to stiffen up the fork.

The Reba also comes with an improved Dual Air spring, Post mounts, a trick Carbon compression knob, and on models featuring the Push-loc handlebar lock-out system, a new Nip-tuck system to tuck the cable end away, avoiding annoying frayed cables that too many of us are familiar with.

Initial impressions are very good- the Dual Air feels very good- and is very adjustable- and the increased travel on the 120mm version could be a perfect trail fork for the UK, especially when clamped up with the Maxle Lite system.

Most that rode the fork mentioned how much stiffer and more positive it felt- but you’ll have to wait for a more extensive review once we prise a few pairs out of SRAM

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