Bonn prosecutor: Ullrich DNA in blood bags

The prosecutor in the German investigation into Jan Ullrich has said that Ullrich's blood was in the

The prosecutor in the German investigation into Jan Ullrich has said that Ullrich's blood was in the
PIC © TIM DE WAELE Jan Ullrich's DNA matches that found in blood bags seized from Dr Eufemiano Fuentes last May. Fred Apostel, the prosecutor in charge of the German fraud investigation into Jan Ullrich, told n-tv this on Tuesday. "There is no doubt: the blood found with Dr. Fuentes in Spain is Jan Ullrich's," said Apostel. "We found nine blood bags that we were able to compare with the DNA samples [Ullrich had previously supplied saliva samples to the investigation]. In doing that we could firmly identify Ullrich." According to police information gathered in Operacion Puerto, Dr Fuentes had used codenames to identify his clients. Jan Ullrich's name was linked with 'Hijo de Rudicio', 'Jan' and 'N.1'. Apostel said that the bags codenamed 'Jan' and 'N.1' were Ullrich's. Prosecutor Apostel hasn't yet filed charges against Ullrich, although he expects to do this soon. The German, who retired last month, has always denied using performance enhancing drugs. His lawyer, Johan Schwenn, wrote on Ullrich's website that they are in the process of examining the police files. "After the irregularities in the Spanish procedure and at the UCI, it is quite possible that the alleged findings are a result of manipulation," wrote Schwenn. Ullrich's last race was the 2006 Tour de Suisse, which he won. But when the names linked with Operaci¢n Puerto became public, he was suspended by T-Mobile and not permitted to ride the Tour de France. Eight others, including Oscar Sevilla, Ivan Basso and Francisco Mancebo were similarly ejected, but none are currently being investigated in relation to Puerto.
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