Boyko wins jr women's title at MTB world's

Ukrainian holds off Czech rider

Alla Boyko from the Ukraine claimed the junior world cross country title on the second day of competition in Fort William, Scotland.

Boyko crossed the line 28 seconds ahead of Jitka Skarnitzlova (Czech Republic) with Julie Bresset (France) taking third at 1'35.

The next race on the program is the U23 women's cross country, which will also be held on Wednesday.


1 Alla Boyko (Ukraine)1:25:14 
2 Jitka Skarnitzlova (Czech Republic)0:00:28 
3 Julie Bresset (France)0:01:35 
4 Kathrin Stirnemann (Switzerland)0:02:00 
5 Claire Hassenfratz (France)0:02:40 
6 Vivianne Meyer (Switzerland)0:02:50 
7 Barbara Benko (Hungary)0:03:31 
8 Sanne Cant (Belgium)0:03:47 
9 Ines Thoma (Germany)0:04:03 
10 Camille Devi (France)0:04:26 
11 Katharina Haase (Germany)0:04:41 
12 Gesa Bruchmann (Germany)0:05:36 
13 Valentina Abril (Colombia)0:06:38 
14 Roselisa Palma (Italy)0:06:48 
15 Polona Batagelj (Slovenia)0:08:16 
16 Annie Last (Great Britain)0:08:29 
17 Marta Sulek (Poland)0:09:43 
18 Maaike Polspoel (Belgium)0:11:47 
19 Samara Sheppard (New Zealand)0:11:56 
20 Maria Babanova (Russian Federation)0:13:22 
21 Andreanne Pichette (Canada)0:15:19 
22 Annabel Simpson (Great Britain)0:19:23 
23 Stephanie White (United States Of America)0:20:57 
24 Melanie Palframan (South Africa)0:21:58 
25 Genee Steyn (South Africa)0:22:27 
26 Amy Cox (United States Of America)0:28:21 

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