British Army announce new Enduro race

Are you tough enough?

Now listen up you ‘orrible little lot. The British Army will be holding a cross country enduro race at Porridgepot Hill near Deepcut, Surrey on June 29.

There will be three race categories – fun, two hour and four hour – which will be raced on the ten mile course which will be a mix of fast, flowing technical singletrack, the inevitable fireroad and the even more leg burning climbs.

Prizes will be on offer in each category, and Merida UK will also be holding a demo day for their new range of carbon bikes, featuring the Carbon FLX, Road Carbon, TT bike and, subject to availability, the world's first sub-20lb full susser – the Ninety Six. So, snap to it and get your sorry arses along to the event website at That means NOW! Go, go go….

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