British National Championships - Athertons sweep the lot!

It's not just the World Cup that took place at Fort Bill this year; the Nevis venue has just hosted

It's not just the World Cup that took place at Fort Bill this year; the Nevis venue has just hosted the British National Downhill and 4X Championships. Newly-crowned World Cup DH winner, Steve Peat, obviously wanted to continue his victorious reign with a national trophy but was it to be.
With the Seniors, Expert and Elite all grouped together (no, we don't know why either), Steve Peat had a good 90-man wait before seeing if his first place qualifiying position would result in the jersey. Rob Warner had a spell in the hot seat, but Halford's Neil Donoghue shoved him off and then Gee Atherton slipped in with Peaty still to go. But, what's this? Two seconds shy at 4:16?
Yes folks, young Gee Atherton is the British National Downhill Champion of 2004! Well done that man.

Other congrats must go to our man Danny Hart too for taking the Juvenile title in a display of heroic proportions in the 4X!
The Elites showed a lot of love as Steve and Gee 'embraced' Scott Beaumont. Then, while Peaty and Beaumont got caught in another tumble, Dan Atherton followed through (if you'll excuse the expression) to take the win, with Gee in second, Steve in third and Scott with a suspected broken ankle.
Another one to the Athertons.

Women's DH
The Brit show was also a bit diluted in the ladies. With defending Champ Tracy Moseley on a no-show, thanks to the bizarre goings on regarding sponsors' logos and national jerseys, and Fionn Griffiths out of the runnings due to injury it was left to. guess who? Yes Rachel Atherton to take the Women's title and a family hat trick.

Men's DH
1 Gee Atherton,(Muddyfox)
2 Steve Peat (Team Orange)
3 Neil Donoghue (Halfords Bikehut)
4 Rob Warner (Giant Racing)

Men's 4X
1 Dan Atherton (Muddyfox)
2 Gee Atherton (Muddyfox)
3 Steve Peat (Team Orange)
4 Scott Beaumont (Beaumont Raving)

Women's DH
1 Rachel Atherton (Muddyfox)
2 Maria Conway (Giant Racing)
3 Emily Horridge (Mountain Cycle UK/Fox)
4 Jules Coventry (Ancillotti UK)

Men's XC
1 Jodie Crawforth (Evans Cycles)
2 Oli Beckinsale (Team MBUK/Scott)
3 Nick Craig (Team Persil)

Women's XC
1 Sue Thomas
2 Jenny Copnall (Subaru - Gary Fisher)
3 Elizabeth Scalia (Team Bike Rag USA)

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