Carmichael: Lance needed time

Leading coach Chris Carmichael says that Lance Armstrong just needed time to reflect on winning his

Leading coach Chris Carmichael says that Lance Armstrong just needed time to reflect on winning his
PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong's coach, has revealed some of the thinking behind the six-time Tour winner's decision to return to the race this summer having previously suggested that he might give it a miss. Armstrong, said Carmichael in an interview with the Denver Post's John Henderson, simply wanted time to enjoy his record-breaking sixth Tour win before setting his sights on achieving what would be an astounding seventh success. "He realized that he was wondering, 'Geez, I'm racing, training and the biggest race in the world is the Tour de France. Why don't I just go back to it?'" Carmichael said. The Colorado Springs-based coach thought that Armstrong's comments at the end of last season that he may miss this year's Tour "probably got a little blown out of proportion, because he never said he wasn't going to race it. In every other year, he said he was. This year after winning, he said, 'Well, I know I'll do it again, but maybe I'll take a bit of a break.' He never said definitively." Although Armstrong now holds the record for Tour wins, few will expect him to lack motivation this summer, as Carmichael affirmed. "He's older, smarter, more experienced than everybody on how to win the race. He's not going to go there with the thought of, 'Let me just see how I do.' He'll go there and say, 'Hey, if I'm here, I'm not going to lose the race.' ". A healthy sign for an athlete is when he sets a goal and achieves it, then takes time to enjoy it. I think that's a healthy sort of habit, because if you achieve and immediately go to the next thing, you're never satisfied. You're always thirsty. That doesn't lend itself to a long career."
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