Cash available for London bike projects

Up to £5,000 per scheme could be handed out

Londoners with an idea for a community-based project involving cycling could now access cash to get their schemes off the ground. 

Up to £5000 per project is available from the Community Cycling Fund for London's  grants scheme which is run by London Cycling Campaign using funding from Transport for London.

The type of projects which could benefit from grant aid include:

• cycle reycling through bike maintenance workshops

• cycle riding skills to build confidence

• learning how to ride a bike

• fun leisure rides to improve health and fitness

• creating cycling facilities to promote access to local shops and recreational facilities

• establishing a pool of bikes for use in your community

• training local community members in cycle-related skills

If you have an idea for cycling project, or if you have an existing scheme that merits an injection of cash, download an application form from: You’ve got until May 16 to complete it and make you pitch.

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