Casper and Popovych to Revolution

Jimmy Casper (Cofidis) and Yaroslav Popovych (Discovery Channel) will appear at the next Revolution

Jimmy Casper (Cofidis) and Yaroslav Popovych (Discovery Channel) will appear at the next Revolution meeting in Manchester on November 18, teaming up with their trade teammates Bradley Wiggins and Roger Hammond to complete the pairings for the event.

With Saunier Duval teammates David Millar and Gilberto Simoni also in the line up, the British track specialists are relishing the competition. "Riding with all these professionals will be amazing; I can't wait!" said Olympic Development rider Adam Blythe. "I think some of the riders will be hard to beat, such as Wiggins and Millar, as they both have some good experience on the track. The others don't have as much experience but I can still imagine that they will kick everyone's ass!"

Millar has only recently honed his abilities on the track taking the National Pursuit title and he agrees that the road riders will give the track specialists some good competition, "Jimmy has some good experience on the track" he said. "I know him well from my time at Cofidis. He comes from the Picardie region of France which is the heartland of French track racing, in fact to tell you the truth Jimmy looks more like a track rider than a road rider. I think he'll be a bit nervous, but knowing Jimmy that will actually benefit him.

"Popovych I don't know so well, but I respect his talent a great deal. He has been hailed as the next big thing since he arrived in Italy as a teenager and deservedly so. It's true that he is an unknown quantity on the track but lets not forget he comes from the Russian school of cycling; this normally means as an adolescent riding around in circles in very cold velodromes, so I'm think he'll be OK! It's going to be a fun night, but also a little scary at first for us more used to brakes and freewheels!"

Tickets for Revolution on November 18th can be purchased at or by calling 07005 942 579.

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