Cheddar is back!

2006 wasn't the same without the Cheddar Challenge and the team behind the Bristol Bikefest decided

After a year out in the cold, one of the UK's best races is back on the scene

2006 wasn't the same without the Cheddar Challenge and the team behind the Bristol Bikefest decided that it was time to bring it back in a slightly changed format for late summer in 2007.

Encouraged by the increasing popularity of the Bristol event, the team decided to apply a similar concept to the much loved Cheddar Challenge course. In 2007 the Cheddar Bikefest will host an 8 hour relay type endurance event on Saturday 29th September 2007 and a 4 hour relay type endurance event on Sunday the 30th September. The event is sponsored by Kona Bikes.

Bring your lights
The Saturday race will run into darkness which adds an exciting aspect to the event and a real chance for everybody to enjoy night riding before the 'dark season' starts. Our night lap sponsor NiteRider will be on site offering technical support as well as showing off the latest night light technology.

The course
The course is going back to its former glory. Witches Wood is back for 2007 and we will also be able to extend the course up and over the quarry to add some extra exciting singletrack bits to the course as well as make it a little bit longer. The 2007 Cheddar Bikefest course will be challenging yet full of fun bits that will make even the most hardened mountain biker smile when they come over the finish line.

The venue
With the ongoing changes and improvements that have been made at the Broadway House venue in Cheddar the facilities are all top notch which will make the Cheddar Bikefest the ideal place to bring the family for the final mountain biking burst of the season. The Bristol Bikefest team are going to add their usual laidback atmosphere with live music and DJs running from early evening late into the night on Friday and Saturday. On top of that the event village will have a broad selection of the latest bikes and kit, which will be available for testing over the weekend.

The categories
Both days are aimed at the experienced rider as well as the newcomer. On Saturday we will have a solo, a pairs, teams of 4 and the NEW teams of 8 categories. So if you are not a big fan of riding in the dark you simply make sure that you are done by the time darkness sets in. The Sunday race will have the same categories except the teams of 8. All team sizes can be entered in the competitive, fun or single speed category. There will be a kid's race too which will be held on Saturday lunch time.

The website and where to enter
There is a new website telling you all you need to know about the Kona Cheddar Bikefest with venue information, course details, downloadable entry form, briefing notes and lots more. Click on or for all the details.

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