Chinese dominate U23 women's cross country

Ying Liu and Ren Chengyuan go 1-2 in heavy rain.

The Chinese team dominated the U23 women's cross country race on day 2 of the mountain bike world championships in Fort William.

Ying Liu and Ren Chengyuan finished first and second in the race, which was run under very wet conditions. In third place, 5'20 behind the winner, was Austrian champion Elisabeth Osl.

On Thursday, the junior men will compete in their cross country race, with a field of nearly 100 riders.


1 Liu Ying (People's Republic Of China)1:45:43 
2 Chengyuan Ren (People's Republic Of China)0:03:31 
3 Elisabeth Osl (Austria)0:05:20 
4 Tereza Hurikova (Czech Republic)0:05:50 
5 Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland)0:06:17 
6 Nina Homovec (Slovenia)0:08:24 
7 Nathalie Schneitter (Switzerland)0:10:04 
8 Tanja Zakelj (Slovenia)0:10:37 
9 Hanna Klein (Germany)0:10:42 
10 Emiliy Batty (Canada)0:11:27 
11 Julie Krasniak (France)0:12:45 
12 Alexandra Engen (Sweden)0:13:20 
13 Caroline Mani (France)0:13:40 
14 Amy Hunt (Great Britain)0:14:18 
15 Eva Lechner (Italy)0:15:33 
16 Laura Metzler (France)0:15:39 
17 Nataliya Krompets (Ukraine)0:16:12 
18 Karolina Kozela (Poland)0:17:24 
19 Vera Andreeva (Russian Federation)0:17:32 
20 Agnes Naumann (Germany)0:18:21 
21 Liliya Zaytseva (Ukraine)0:18:23 
22 Francisca Campos Salas (Chile)0:20:08 
23 Bettina Schmid (Switzerland)0:21:25 
24 Caitlyn Tuel (United States Of America)0:22:48 
25 Chloe Forsman (United States Of America)0:25:18 
26 Judith Pollinger (Italy)0:26:22 
1 lap behind  
27 Semra Yetis (Turkey)  
2 laps behind  
28 Carla Freysen (South Africa)  

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