Coming from Nowhere

"I've just paid for my holiday", says Grant Fielder (aka Chopper), but I think I'll let it go so I c

Chopper cancels his Greek Island holiday to jump at NASS
"I've just paid for my holiday", says Grant Fielder (aka Chopper), but I think I'll let it go so I can ride the dirt at The National Adventure Sports Show (NASS). I want to ride as much dirt as I can, and do all the King of Dirt compos..."


"Why do I want to do it. That's a good question, I hadn't really thought about it before. Why do I want to...I suppose I want to prove that anyone can come from nowhere and get to the top of what they do. I want to encourage everyone to believe they can do it like Ollie and I have done."

Ollie and Chopper have come a long way since they appeared in MBUK as Steve Geall's newest protges. Now aged 21 and 20 respectively, they are well established high in the ranks of Britain's new breed of jumpers.

What've you been doing lately?

"We've been doing a lot of dirt riding. We're riding Steve Geall's G Bikes so we've been riding with him a lot learning new stuff. I've got a new no foot to bar spin combination that I'm practising all the time. Plus all our old specialties: Superman, turn down, no footer/no hander..."

Last time you talked to MBUK we said Ollie spent a lot of time with his girlfriend and you got a lot of quality time with your Playstation...

"I know I got so much stick for that!"

Any change there?

No, Ollie's got the same girlfriend. And I'm still single. Women get in the way, don't they?"

And yes, if you want to rate amongst the best jumpers in the world, they probably do.

The National Adventure Sports Show (NASS) 2003 will be dropping in to the East of England Showground in Peterborough on Friday 4th July for three days of urban sports and live music acts. The show also makes a welcome return to the Bath and West Showground, in Somerset on Friday 18th July.
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