Cyclepassion calendar 2012

Female cycling stars in seductive poses

BikeRadar readers we know what you like - and it's back in both colour and black and white this year. Yes, we're talking about the Cyclepassion calendar 2012 (here's last year's for reference).

Featuring top female cycling stars in seductive poses photographed by Daniel Geiger, the calendar will be in its seventh year in 2012. Its makers say they've gone for a slightly different concept this time round, with "more focus on the individual athlete." Each month is double-sided, meaning there's a posing shot on the front, with action shots (or legs) plus an athlete bio on the reverse.

Shooting the calendar took the Cyclepassion guys all over the racing circuit, from the mountain biking World Cups in Offenburg and Nové Mĕsto na Morav, to the Tour de France. The riders featured are cross-country racers Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, Hanna Klein, Katherine O`Shea and Maja Włoszczowska, and road racers Veronica Andréasson, Liz Hatch and Marion Rousse.

The calendar is available now from Cyclepassion's website for €36.

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