Cycling Plus Sportive: full results and report

Hot, hot, hot at BikeRadar Live

The Cycling Plus Sportive was the opening road event at BikeRadar Live, and those who took part in it certainly found it a challenge.

The furnace-like temperatures on Saturday were somewhat mitigated by the leafy lanes that featured heavily in all three routes, but most riders still found it a struggle to stay hydrated on such a hot day.

Wayne Beba completed the 106 mile sportive in 6:17:18 while his friend Keith Watson managed 6:58:27. They hail from nearby East Kent but this was their first experience of West Kentish roads.

BikeRadar spoke to the pair as they were recovering in the finish tent.

"Awesome but brutal" were their first impressions.

"The first 40 miles lured us into a false sense of security. The final hill was a killer, but the last 3-4 miles was lovely."

It was the pair's first sportive and they handled it well, managing to drink plenty of water to ensure they got around. "There was enough water. We just got around on two bottles. The key today was to drink every five minutes."

Besides the final climbs, there was also the fearsome Wynd after 43 miles. It's like the Muur van Geraardsbergen in terms of steepness, but without the cobbles. "It was steep," said Wayne. "If it was any longer it would have been deadly. We also struggled for traction."

But overall, they loved the roads. "The surface here is so much better than East Kent. If you tried to run this there you'd be all over the road with buckled rims."

How did it feel to get over the final hill and finish? "You certainly have euphoria when you turn in here (to Brands Hatch)," said Wayne. "I was so chuffed I was almost crying at the end. It sounds silly but now I know why footballers cry and why Mark Cavendish did the other day."

"We loved every bit of it."

A hot day in Kent

574 riders started the sportive on the finishing straight of the Brands Hatch circuit at 8am. One lap around the Indy circuit and they were off, descending for the first 8 miles then winding their way through the lanes to West and East Malling, Wateringbury and (save for the 50 milers) Hunton Hill, before eventually reaching Headcorn, where the first feed zone was.

A quick top up of ZipVit and water there and the 106 mile riders headed further east to Charing and Badlesmere before returning to Headcorn and joining the rest of the route, while the 71 mile riders started their return leg via Staplehurst, Marden and Winchet Hill.

Another feed stop at Brenchley with 20 miles to go was much needed, as the riders still faced two more climbs: the less severe one from Shipbourne up to Ivy Hatch, then a real sting in the tail from Ightham up to the A20. This climb saw many riders walk, seeking shaded spots on the steep ascent to try to keep their cool. Most, however, enjoyed the final 5 miles back to Brands Hatch, where they finished their various challenges. Times ranged from not much over five hours to nine and a half hours for the 106 miles to two and a half hours for the 50 miler

Those who finished felt a real sense of achievement while also appreciating the picturesque course that had been laid out by Derek Williams. The signage was clear and the feed stations were well placed.

Your photo finish

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If you're listed here as just a number or your name is spelled wrong, let us know and we'll correct.

106 miles
1294M AncketillMJ06:03:51
1001M K AttenboroughMI05:30:51
1002Sg BaileyMUK08:11:54
1200Tp BanningMI05:50:20
1005Wayne BebaMI06:17:18
3055G BayleyMUK06:02:22
1006Keith WatsonMUK06:58:27
1009M BellMJ06:55:17
1406Matthew BellMUKDNF
1011N BestMA05:53:48
1012Mark SouthwoldMA05:53:59
1015G Bienzobas MaurazaMA07:41:10
1016J BillinghamMUK06:17:40
1017M BillingtonMUK09:18:41
1018De BishopMJ06:50:01
1020T BlomfieldMI08:22:40
1021L BlythMI08:21:27
1022M BottomsMK08:47:44
1023A BowleyMUK08:51:47
1024Nath BradfordMI05:34:16
1385A BradleyMJ06:35:24
1026G BrierleyMI07:37:53
1025G BrierleyMI07:37:57
1027E BrightMI07:09:43
1028J BrodetskyMI06:23:30
1029M BromwichMJ08:07:15
1030Dj BrooksbankMJ07:41:26
1170J BrowneMUK08:57:58
1032N J BryantMI08:25:33
1038V ButlerMJ06:37:27
1036V ButlerMKDNF
1037V ButlerMLDNF
1039S ButtMUK08:41:19
1040M CairnsFM06:19:53
1041P CarnellMJ06:24:47
1044I J ChandlerMR06:08:15
1043I J ChandlerMUK07:08:26
1045B R CharltonMUK06:40:54
1046C ChenFH08:34:33
1047L M ChichesterMJ06:33:32
2054L M ChichesterFM07:45:38
1049R C ClarkMJ06:09:09
1048T ClarkMT05:48:20
1053I ColeMJ06:52:02
1055J CollinsonMK05:50:33
1054J CollinsonMJDNF
1056E J ConeyMI06:23:57
1057T ConnellyMUK06:12:03
1058G CookMJ07:06:23
1059G CookMUK07:43:50
1061H CookMUK05:40:47
1062P CorcoranMJ09:27:59
1063Gl CorderyMJ08:25:30
1066D J CraigMUK07:32:50
1068A CruickshankMA06:22:20
1067A CruickshankMA06:32:43
1069L J DaviesMI05:51:28
1070S DavisMJ06:41:57
1427Matthew DawsonMI08:43:47
1306S DawsonMK08:13:52
1071P DobleMJ05:46:29
1072P DobleMADNF
1074P DomjanMUK06:25:30
1076B DrewMJ06:22:05
1079D EllisMUK08:47:43
1080D EllisMUK08:47:45
1325A ElseMUK06:38:27
1083Stua ElvinsMJ06:05:14
1084M EmeryMJ06:49:58
1085Af FeatherstoneMI07:16:05
1087N FletcherMJ06:44:31
1091D FriendMUK06:27:31
1092D J FulkerMJ06:44:36
1094D GearingMI07:07:37
1096Mg GoldsmithMJ06:27:23
1098Ab GotzFM08:22:40
1305D GradyMJ07:38:01
1099A GrayMJ07:19:58
1103D J GreenMI06:50:40
1105T GriceMUK09:03:18
1106Pete GrundyMUK07:45:25
1107R GrunfeldMI07:39:50
1112N I HallifaxMUK07:28:20
1113N I HallifaxMUK07:57:10
1115R HamiltonMJ08:09:07
1114R HamiltonMI08:09:08
1116S HarveyMUK07:07:37
1117P Hayes-WatkinsMJ05:29:52
1118A Heald-BarracloughMI07:34:17
1119P G HendrickMA09:08:10
1123R A HeskethMJ07:47:39
1124Pete HillMUK05:43:36
1125D J HillerMUK06:17:15
1126Ken HodgsonML07:43:29
1127Rah HollandMI07:07:28
1130C HoltMUKDNF
1131D W HoneysettMJ08:02:21
1132P Horta-HopkinsMJ06:55:07
1133Pa HuntMI08:22:29
2206M HurstMJ07:40:50
1134T HutchingsMJ08:11:14
1138M IvesMUK06:38:15
1386D JacksonMJ08:11:50
1139M JenkinsMUK07:14:44
1405Hr JohnsonMUK06:25:43
1327Jeff JonesMUK05:38:45
1141K JonesMK05:56:53
1142S JudgeMK07:50:36
1143Aak KeyteMI06:45:17
1144J KilliardMI07:36:13
1145J KippsMUK06:15:08
1307G KnappMJ06:08:04
1147M LaneMUK06:29:34
1148I G LashMJ07:34:31
1150Klg Le GalloMA06:49:31
3064A LeaMUK07:02:08
1152A LeighFUK06:54:25
1153A D LemmMJ06:41:59
1155Sd LoganMI06:55:24
1156T.J. LyonsMI07:27:37
1159D S MackenzieMUK07:57:56
1160M MackenzieMK07:57:57
1164B J MaguireMUK07:33:16
1165B J MaguireMUK07:34:27
1162B J MaguireMUK07:34:29
1166B J MaguireMUK07:34:47
1163B J MaguireMUK07:34:56
1182Trent MappMUK09:02:04
1169O MarsdenMUK08:57:58
1172D MastersMJ07:34:55
1173P MatchamMK05:32:29
1174K G MayMJ06:35:08
1175C McaleenanMK07:26:32
1176S MccarthyMUK07:41:50
1181T McknightMIDNF
1183A R MiddletonMUK07:22:47
1185C MonaghanMI07:39:01
1186J MoonFN07:18:48
1188D MooreMUK05:50:56
1187Dunc MooreMI07:40:11
1366A MorganMJ08:07:14
1189Jd MorganMI05:37:48
1190R A MortonMUK06:28:51
1191C MossMUK07:49:33
1194S NeilsonMI06:11:58
1193S NeilsonMI06:12:01
1195P NelsonMK06:15:23
1196S NoyeMI09:13:15
1440Rider Number 1440MUK05:56:22
1197P NuttallMUK07:09:30
1428Pete OluruashulaMJ08:33:14
1199B. J O'neillMI06:38:54
1201J O'reillyMUK07:29:19
1202N OuldMK06:43:38
1203J PaineMJ07:23:43
1309X PaintingMUK06:52:13
1207D ParkinsonMK06:56:41
1308N PedoeMI09:25:44
1210S PeplerMI07:30:32
1211R J PepperMJ06:31:32
1212R J PepperMI06:32:46
1213Jd PerfittMJ08:53:29
1218M P PittickMJ05:52:27
1219M J PlattMJDNF
1220D E PointerFM05:42:32
1221S PokoraMI07:16:05
1222A PollockMJ07:13:08
1223Q PotgieterMI06:08:31
1224Q PotgieterMI06:08:31
1225Sm PottsMJ06:52:12
1226J QuelchFA05:46:39
1227J QuelchFE06:19:21
1228P A QuireMJ06:48:12
1232R ReadMUK06:35:10
1231R ReadMUK08:44:01
1229Rk ReadMUK08:43:59
1230Rk ReadMUK08:43:59
1233Pe ReidMUK06:04:17
1345C RevellMI05:54:47
1235D I RichardsMUK05:10:30
1236S.P RileyMJ07:39:50
1237Wj RobertsonMJ06:22:48
1238Sj RoeMUK08:03:30
1239Kj SandersonFUK08:00:22
1241N W SaundersMJ08:53:42
1035K ShannonMJ08:25:36
1365S ShawMUK06:56:26
1246A T ShutterMI08:22:38
1248J SingerFM06:25:02
1249P SkogstadMK07:17:10
1250P SladeMJ06:26:41
1310P SlijkhoisMI05:21:33
1254C SmithMJ08:05:50
1253C SmithMK08:40:47
1251P R SmithMK07:57:49
1255S SmithMUK09:00:30
1252T W SmithMUK06:20:26
1256Crai SpracklingMJ06:52:18
1257N SpratlingMJ07:34:55
1258D C SpringMK07:19:45
1259Jh StanleyMJDNF
1033M StearsMI09:01:12
1260Ms SteedenFM08:42:36
2207M StevensMJ09:23:45
1262T StewartMUK07:58:21
1263P J StoneMK06:35:25
1264L StrattonML06:16:52
1265M J StreeterMI06:40:00
1266Dw SuchMJDNF
1267R ThompsonMJDNF
1269J TibbsMUKDNF
1429Patrick TrainorMJ06:37:36
1270M TriceMI07:14:12
1271A TuckerMI06:03:01
1272B C TuckerMI06:51:17
2258W TurffMI09:10:57
1273B C TurpinMK06:16:05
1274R VellaMK06:26:10
1275R WaiteMUK07:48:03
1425Graham WaldeskMUKDNF
1276G A WalkerMUK07:07:43
1326Ian WardMUK06:46:25
1277Aj WarmanMI07:42:48
1279Gd WatersMI07:58:05
1283S M WattsMUK06:30:07
1284W WebbMW05:52:28
1286N.P. WellsMJ06:49:03
1287T WestML07:22:46
1288N J WhartonMK07:20:24
2294Tass WhitbyFM09:25:44
1291N WigstonMI06:27:48
1292M WilkieML08:16:13
1293M WilknerMJ06:03:47
1426Richard WilliamsMUK05:51:37
1295D WillsherMI05:51:10
1034D WilsonMIDNF
1296P WilsonMJ08:53:30
1298M WoodMJ06:34:42
1299N WoodMI06:43:08
1297N WoodMK07:04:47
1301N WoodMUK07:48:37
1303Pr WoodMJ05:58:24
71 miles
No.Name GenderTime
2000S. AgussM04:14:05
2001M AldenM05:34:12
2002M AldenM05:42:07
2003K AldersonF04:46:01
2004R G AllenM04:05:11
2005R G AllenM04:09:25
2006R G AllenF05:01:27
2007L P AndersonM05:01:27
2091M AshleyM04:36:42
2189Ic AspdenM05:58:17
2009D AtkinsonM04:39:17
2010N F AtkinsonM05:06:47
2012J AttwoodM04:09:48
2015Vv BarkerF07:23:20
2018Lewi BarlowM05:23:41
2019Natasha BarlowF05:23:43
2020P J BarnettM05:30:26
2021S BarnfatherM04:09:07
2022S BarnfatherM04:18:25
2023S BarnfatherM04:19:24
2025N S BaxterM05:00:57
2026C BaylisM04:14:42
2027A.S BellM05:17:07
2028F BettlesFDNF
2029N BhanaM05:03:14
2030A BidwellM04:03:47
1019Jm BissM04:33:12
2298S BlackburnM04:47:02
2032A. S BoothM05:22:13
2034J BostwickM04:47:58
2300Kay BowenF04:43:08
2036Pa BowersM05:37:48
2039D Bruford-RowM05:10:30
1031D Bruford-RowM05:16:44
2040K J BuntonF04:08:21
2043P CardenF05:02:49
2044M CardenM07:36:48
2047P. F CarpenterM06:00:04
2048G CarterF04:47:00
2049D CarterM04:47:00
1042Gjw CasewellM04:31:47
2050L CharbonneauM06:37:09
2295C CharnleyM04:19:21
2052R J ChesserM05:20:08
2053R ChestneyM05:04:46
2056Alis ChickF04:33:58
2061S ClearyM03:45:06
2062A.C CollazosM04:19:29
3090Mattthew ConradM04:02:45
2064M C ConradM04:17:54
2065Pt CookeF05:07:40
2067A CooperM03:22:41
2068M R CorbeyM03:51:59
3029P CoxM04:28:27
2069G CoxonM04:04:00
2071S J CruttendenM05:13:33
2072R CulmerM04:11:58
2074A DaleyM04:01:19
2075P DaltonM03:32:35
3019J DandoM04:27:03
2076D DanielM05:43:53
2077Zoe DaviesF07:24:40
2078A DiamantopoulosM06:05:00
2080G DoelM04:19:38
2090J DowningF05:00:06
3051John DumperM04:48:08
2084G DyerM03:50:22
2238M EdenM05:48:20
3054G EdwardsM04:09:07
2085T EdwardsM04:46:56
2086Gb EisenhauerM04:20:21
1082A EllisM04:00:48
2089Pd EvansM04:35:51
2095D FermerM05:24:03
2096D FettweisM04:07:16
2011N F FiddimoreM05:06:50
2299S ForrowM05:04:09
2097E FosterF04:55:07
1089A FrenchF04:17:14
1090A FrenchF04:20:44
3021S GardnerF05:33:47
2098K G GardnerM05:52:01
2100G GarthwaiteM04:17:21
2102C M GarwoodM04:11:49
2106B GerholdM03:53:02
2107F L GiancolaM05:37:34
2108F L GiancolaM06:11:04
3149John GibbonsM02:24:07
3150John GibbonsM05:19:28
2109B GillardM04:57:00
2110J GoldieM04:15:46
1101M GraysonM05:21:40
1100P GraysonM05:25:48
2235Paul GreenwoodF04:17:37
2149D GriersonM06:00:37
2115M GuestM04:22:23
3065J HannonM04:32:44
2118S HardieM04:13:34
2120J HarveyM05:30:50
2125D HeddellM05:52:03
1121P HennesseyM05:58:17
2126C HensonF06:15:08
2127J HerdM04:03:52
2200D HibbettM05:14:32
2128L A HillM03:54:42
2129B HopkinsM05:00:57
3057T HoulstonM04:55:53
2131Kevin HowardM05:07:52
2130Ann HowardF05:08:36
2132John HughesF04:39:44
3078A HumphreyM05:30:04
2133P HurcomM04:07:38
2134K HutchingsM05:45:41
2135I J HutchisonM03:50:11
3037Es HuttonM05:19:49
1137Se InmanM03:52:34
2136G IraggiM05:06:57
2137J IrvingM05:08:56
2138P JamesM04:12:07
2139A JohnsonM04:14:07
2140P JohnstonM04:16:30
3145P JohnstonM04:20:37
2141B KayF04:16:29
2143P KayeM05:11:01
2148S I KormyloM05:55:28
2150C LaneM06:24:11
3024P LanguageM05:15:04
2151T LarradM03:53:53
2153Rp LaveryM04:57:04
1102T LawrenceM05:25:05
2154M C Le ClairM05:24:45
2156L LeeF04:11:33
3056M LewisM04:45:41
3068G LewisM05:15:51
2159C LinakerM03:48:15
2160C LinakerM06:21:43
2161S LinesM05:26:34
2296D LloydM05:16:50
2165P LumbM06:15:53
1157D MacaulayM04:54:48
1158A K MachinM05:50:58
2167Jd MacwilliamM04:45:16
2168R MakFDNF
2169J MakerM04:32:02
2170I ManchesterM05:01:05
2172R ManderM05:47:31
2174W MartinM04:41:14
2173Kp MartinM04:57:49
2175C MasdinM04:39:31
3099X MaskreyM04:18:53
2177N MawsonMDNF
2178P MccreeryM06:39:06
1178P McdonnellM04:08:03
1180E McgregorM05:36:11
2180T MedhurstM04:04:34
2181T MedhurstM04:18:33
2183D MorrisM03:51:06
2104J MorrisMDNF
2184J MorrowM05:38:47
3025P MosesM04:12:45
2185K G MurrayM04:12:00
1192D MurrayM04:21:34
2186S NormanF05:03:02
1431Rider Number 1431M04:53:08
2187T O' ReillyM05:03:24
2188M O'dwyerM05:30:03
2190Cj OwenM03:59:15
2191J PatientM05:17:29
3141Nadia PauF07:10:25
1209N PavlovicM04:08:58
1214E PetrilliM04:54:48
2192J PittF04:48:03
2193J PittmanF04:48:06
2194C PlumbM04:48:11
2195M PooleM04:42:28
2196S N PooleM07:28:17
2197Kj PooleF07:28:18
2198C W PrestonM05:26:34
2199T R PriceM05:04:34
2202Sl RansomeF06:08:39
3052Malcolm RatcliffeM05:46:25
2203Mich RattrayM07:23:20
3032A RayM04:26:29
2208C A RitchieM04:14:42
2211T G RobertsM04:04:26
2209P RobertsM04:30:01
2212Dj RobertsonM04:11:28
2214D RofeM05:54:48
2213D RofeM06:02:44
3053D RushtonMDNF
2210S RussellM03:43:02
2217Sand RutherfordF05:04:48
2218K SavageF05:03:02
2219A ScillitoeM04:29:51
2222E ScottM04:29:42
2223Gare SelfM04:38:58
3081S SfordweM05:30:59
2229J ShawM04:06:55
2230P SkelhornM04:52:00
2231M SmartM05:07:30
3033A SmithM02:57:02
2201Steve SmithM04:34:11
2297L SmithM04:40:29
2232T SmithM04:40:53
2233S SmithM05:07:08
2234Tj SmithMDNF
2236A SmythM04:47:56
3036G StarlingM05:15:49
2239R StephenM04:31:48
2237R StephenM05:40:29
2242Dc SutcliffeM06:06:31
2243C D SwiftM04:48:08
2245D TaylorM05:06:10
2220L TeeneyMDNF
1430Graham TempleM04:47:40
2247Cc ThomasM05:32:46
2248S ThompsonM06:11:59
1268C I ThorneM05:16:59
2249Ian TomkinsM05:58:14
2250N TownsendF04:19:30
2251J TriggM04:26:30
2253R TromanM05:15:20
2254S TruettMDNF
2255S TuckerM03:42:18
2256T N TuckerF05:32:34
3058Ic Van HuysstenM04:41:26
2259U Von SaldernF05:13:00
3148Yee Wai LowM07:33:39
2260N WakeM05:10:32
2263Kate WakelyF03:13:45
2261Allan WakelyM03:39:33
2155D G WalkeyM05:24:46
2264RR WallisM04:06:00
3047Julia WardM05:27:24
1081Sandra WarhamF04:00:43
2283S WarnerM04:07:52
1278Ms WastieM04:17:52
1280T WatesM05:30:06
1281T WatesM06:01:30
2266P I WebsterM04:35:11
2267B WessonM04:46:15
3020J WheeldonM05:01:17
1289M A WhiteM03:02:12
2269J WhiteM04:04:31
2270B WhiteheadM03:39:20
2271A.C. WhiteheadM04:54:57
1290Am WhitfieldM04:40:14
2272C WiesbauerM04:32:19
2273J WildM06:25:44
2275G J WilliamsM03:39:16
2276Rj WilliamsM04:33:00
3050Philip WilliamsonM05:32:57
2277S WillsF07:10:13
2281J WoodM04:12:04
1300N WoodM05:20:30
2284J WrightM07:00:07
2292A YatesM06:06:54
2293M YousemanM02:51:34
50 miles
1000Lee AistropeMUK04:09:17
1013Ian BallM04:05:56
1014James BestM04:12:30
2024S BarrettMB03:49:29
3120M BertocchiMUK04:02:41
3002J BesagonMUK03:12:40
2031K BonnelykkeMUK03:01:00
2038M A BrittleMB03:12:41
2037M A BrittleMB03:12:42
3039Caroline BurrowsMUK04:42:00
3125J ButlerMUK05:06:49
2046N CareyFUK03:52:12
2045N CareyFUK03:52:13
2152S CarvalhoFUK03:50:53
3023G ClarkMUK04:30:00
2063D W ConnollyMUK03:30:37
3029P CoxMUK04:28:27
3000Mj CunninghamMUK03:44:44
2083N DanielsMUK03:17:25
3022S DorringtonMUKDNF
2082P.C DunnettMUK03:17:24
2087M J EmmMUK03:32:04
3147G FarrellMUK03:19:01
3046Bob FarrowMUK03:55:30
3001P FitzsimmonsMUK03:15:04
3003J FluxmanMUK04:00:53
2103J I GavinM03:46:21
3030C GoodwinMUK03:03:33
3026Rachel GoodwinMUK03:08:33
2114L GrayFUK03:47:36
3041D GuestMUK03:04:15
1108Jeremy BelcherMUK
3042Rachel HaleyMUK04:01:44
2121John HaslamMB03:05:58
3044M HaslamMUK05:40:31
3121S HayesMUK02:37:22
3004M HaywardMUK03:03:28
2088Tanya HuntMUK03:32:03
3005S HunterMUK03:10:02
1093G IrvingMUK03:11:48
3034G KaragiannisMUK07:36:01
2146N J KennedyMUK03:05:50
3137David KirkbyMB04:22:48
2147W H KirtonMUK02:51:10
3069John LangridgeMUK05:39:55
3122U LarsonMUK04:41:51
3061Simon LawsMUKDNF
1151S V LeanMUK04:08:05
3027C LeighMUK03:10:42
2288P LewisMUK03:08:15
3006Yash MasoliverMUK03:28:15
3035L MccallaMUK05:30:03
3007D MiltonMUK03:10:01
3043Dennis MontgomeryMUK04:01:43
3008A R NeateMUK04:54:18
3028Rider Number 3028MUK04:02:35
3038Rider Number 3038MUK04:09:58
3127Rider Number 3127MUK03:01:00
3009E PearceFUK04:23:05
3060K PearceMUK04:53:07
3136B PettitMB04:22:47
3013Andrew ProudMUK03:38:00
3012Mp ProudMUK03:38:00
2205I ReubyMB03:49:28
3048Mike RoperMUK03:58:00
2228B W SharpeMUK03:09:52
3014J I ShortMUK03:03:49
3015C SmithFUK04:11:32
3049Maurice SunkinMUK03:58:00
2290S WadeMUK03:13:54
3016V WaltonFUK02:52:50
3017V WaltonFUK02:52:50
2268S WellbelleMUKDNF
3119Jamie WilkinsMUK02:42:59
3143David WilliamsMUK02:33:06
3018M J WilsonMUK04:27:55
3063P WinkMUK04:13:08
2289D WrightMUK03:08:14

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