Cyclist tells of freedom lost after leg amputated

Despair of victim of alleged road rage attack

A cyclist maimed for life in an alleged road rage attack has spoken of his loss of freedom.

Chris Kasztelewicz, 36, had his right leg amputated above the knee after an incident which left him crushed against a pole.

A cab driver in his home city of Toronto, Canada, stands accused of reversing into him and then driving off.

Witnesses said Mr Kasztelewicz’s leg was left hanging by ‘a few bits of gristle’. Police called to the scene found him screaming for help in a pool of blood.

Speaking to his local newspaper, the Globe and Mail, Mr Kasztelewicz said, with tears in his eyes: "I love to ride. I like being out there, all by myself. It was beautiful."

As well as losing his leg, Mr Kasztelewicz was left with a fractured pelvis and spent more than a week in critical care, drifting in and out of consciousness. He has undergone several major operations since the amputation and may face more.

"I just want to survive," he said.

A lifelong rider, he was cycling home on a $5,000 racing bike when the incident occurred. Mr Kasztelewicz, a bouncer, had been visiting a friend at a local bar and left at , riding along side streets to avoid the heavier traffic on the main strip. It is understood he got into a row with a cab driver shortly before the incident occured.

Sultan Ahmed, 38 of Maple , stands accused of reversing into him and then driving off.

Mr Kasztelewicz is under the orders of his lawyer to avoid giving more details. As well as the criminal charges faced by Ahmed a civil action is apparently also being considered.

Mr. Kasztelewicz's father and mother came to Toronto last week, and have since remained with him in the hospital. He has also been visited by his brother.

Ahmed was due to appear in court today facing six charges, including assault with a weapon – his taxi.

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