Day of Champions

Rob Warner keeps ringing from Rockingham Motor Speedway, to brag about the MX track he, Jon Pettitt

Carl Fogarty, Greg Minaar and Stephen Sword v Rob Warner?
Rob Warner keeps ringing from Rockingham Motor Speedway, to brag about the MX track he, Jon Pettitt and Anne DDobbie, Oakley PR Manager, are building for Oakley's MX Day of Champions.

The awesome beast has been raised from barren land to become a monster of a dog. A fast flowing track that weaves and snakes its way over a sandy dirt surface and then punches through a technical wood section to an impressive view of the Rockingham stadium. A mile and a half long with 70ft table tops, the track is a 3D representation of raw passion. It's mind blowing and will be a permanent feature at Rockingham.

Beneficiaries are a lose handful of Champions from all kinds of two wheel disciplines.

Superbike ace Carl Fogarty will join forces with the cream of the UK's Motocross, Downhill Mountain Bike, BMX, Snowboard and Skateboard champions.

Confirmed athletes to ride on the day are:
Stephen Sword - British Motocross Champion
Rob Warner - 3 Times National DH MTB Champion
Greg Minaar - 2003 World Mountain Bike Champion
Will Longden - 2003 British DH Series Champion and 11th 2003 World DH MTB Champs
Scott Beaumont - Twice World BMX Champion, 2nd National 4X Championships
Gareth Hopkins - Welsh National DH MTB Champion
Carl Fogarty - Superbike World Champion and Owner of the Foggy Petronas Superbike team
Scott Mcmorris - Reigning winner of the British slope style Champion
Elliot Neave - Former British Half pipe champ
Si Brass - Destructive force in freestyle snowboarding
Vicci Miller - Queen of the Hill 2003-09-21
Jamie Baker - New Oakley Sports Marketing Manager and former British Big Air Champion
Brandon Block - World famous Celebrity DJ Supremo
Shane Lynch - Boyzone

On a day to be remembered these world class athletes will be up riding with the cream of the UK's core sports magazines and lifestyle/fashion press. (It says here. I guess that must mean MBUK).

Lead pic & pic 1: Jon Pettitt checking his track.
Main pic: Rob checking out the big ones (as usual).
Pic 2: Rob, being butch
Pic 3: Oakley Annie at work.
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