Demo day for the disabled at Dalby Forest

Ride specially adapted bikes in North Yorkshire

A demo day at DalbyForest in North Yorkshire will showcase bikes that have been adapted for use by people with disabilities or special needs.

The machines available at the event on Sunday 15 March will include hand pedalled models and electric bikes.

The demo day is the second of its kind and is aimed at broadening access to the centre’s 35-mile all-abilities trail.

Richard and Ann Dixon, from Caton, near Scarborough, are regular users of the trail on their seven-speed tricycle with side-by-side seating.

Richard said: “It makes all the difference being able to get out together on a bike. There are loads more trails these days, but folk don’t always appreciate that bikes come in many different designs, capable of suiting individual needs. When we get some decent weather we’ll be hitting the trail again.”

For more information, contact the ranger’s office on 01751 460378.

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