Diesel spills getting you down?

Join the KillsSpills ride in London this weekend

If you’ve experienced the "help, I'm sliding but where's the ice?" feeling or you know someone who's been brought down by diesel, why not join the KillSpills ride in London on Saturday September 20th and show your support for the continuing work of this campaign, which works to highlight the dangers that diesel spills represent to road users, especially those on two wheels.

KillSpills was founded back in 2003, and is run by a small group of volunteer motorcyclists. Since 2004 and with the help of the Metropolitan Police BikeSafe London team they have organised various events to publicise the campaign.

Their founder, Stephen Edwards, sits on two Department for Transport groups and continues to work with the DfT to address the key causes of diesel spills and increase awareness.

KillSpills would like to involve up to 50 cyclists in the ride to help highlight the dangers posed to cyclists on what is planned to be their last ever London run. For obvious safety reasons motorcyclists and cyclists will ride in separate groups, the bikers setting out from the Ace Cafe and riding into central London where they will pick up the cycling group on route to Downing Street where they'll present a report on their achievements to date. The ride will have a police escort and free passage will be given at junctions.

To register your interest in the ride and obtain further details, contact PedalCyclistsSupportKillSpills@googlemail.com

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