Employers should promote active travel to work

Bike commuting will boost the nation’s health

Sustrans, the UK’s sustainable transport charity, has released the latest version of their information sheet ‘Active travel and healthy workplaces’ which spells out the benefits to employers of investing in the health of their workforce, and promoting active travel to work.

The information sheet shows that 25 million people travel to work every day and around 71%  choose to commute by car. However, with rising fuel prices and increasing congestion in our towns and cities, walking or cycling to work remains the cheapest and most convenient way for most people to get the recommended thirty minutes of physical activity on most days of the week.

Dame Carol Black, National Director for Work and Health, said: “Active staff are more motivated and less prone to sickness, leading to financial reward for employers. A healthy workplace is therefore something for all responsible and forward-looking businesses to aspire to.”

Commuting on the National Cycle Network, Sustrans’ flagship project, accounted for twelve per cent of all trips in 2007, with an average urban commute of just under five miles – the same distance as nearly two-thirds of car journeys.

If you’re thinking about commuting to your place of work by bike, why not plot the best route on bikely, or see if somebody has already done it for you? You might also find our guide to commuting a real help too.

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