Equal rights for Regent's Park cyclists

Writer Alan Bennett leading campaign

Support is building for equal rights for cyclists along the Broad Walk in Regent's Park, lead by the writer Alan Bennett.

"I've cycled in London for 40 years and I'd like to be able to cycle through Primrose Hill and Regent's Park without the threat of prosecution within my lifetime,” says Bennett whose career runs from Beyond the Fringe to The History Boys, has lived in Camden for many years and is a strong supporter of cycling on the Broad Walk in Regent’s Park.  

The current trial allowing cyclists on this often busy pedestrian thoroughfare is due to be reported on in February 2010.  

A report of June this year looked at options including a separate cycle path alongside the Broad Walk and recommended a non-segregated shared-use scheme which would keep cycle speeds down and have less visual impact. Lower traffic speed limits on the Outer Circle road would improve life for cyclists and help those who might prefer this to a speed-restricted route through the Park. A survey showed public support for cycling in the Park, although with some reservations such as danger to pedestrians from speeding cyclists. Consideration may also be given to a cycle route to The Hub sports centre in Regent’s Park.

Alan Bennett backs calls for a 20mph speed limit, not just on roads in the Royal Parks but across London. He has been offering his support in these matters to the Camden Cycling Campaign who are keen to see the Broad Walk scheme succeed and would like at least some other paths in the park to be opened to cyclists.

Primrose Hill is the last of the Royal Parks not to allow any cycling.

The Regent’s Park is earmarked as a venue for the finish in front of 3,000 seated spectators to the Road Cycling events in the 2012 Olympics. 

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