Exclusive video: Santa Cruz carbon Blur XC lower link

An explanation of the new lower link system

We reported earlier in the week on Santa Cruz’s new carbon fibre Blur XC cross country bike, and we’ve just returned from a factory visit to learn more about the lightweight machine.

The seaside town of Santa Cruz lies a mere 45 minutes over the mountains from BikeRadar's US workshop in the South Bay of San Francisco, so we headed there for a look at the recently-released carbon Blur XC, video camera in tow.

Santa Cruz design engineer Nick Anderson gives us some video tech explanation of the first full carbon Santa Cruz model, the carbon Blur XC. In this video he gives an explanation of the new lower link system which will come equipped with grease ports for easier servicing.

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For more information on the new bike and a full explanation go to our other Santa Cruz video article.

Plus we’ve got video footage on the testing process Santa Cruz frames goes through in-house before final samples are manufactured in their Asian factory.

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