F1's Webber urges drivers to be aware

Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber urges car drivers to be more considerate around cyclists a

Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber urges car drivers to be more considerate around cyclists a


Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber has urged motorists to look out for cyclists when driving. Speaking at the launch of the Amy Gillett Foundation in Melbourne on Sunday, Webber revealed he accepted the position as a patron of the foundation after being profoundly affected by Australian cyclist Amy Gillett's death in Germany last year.

The Australian foundation aims to promote a safe and harmonious relationship between cyclists and motorists, provide an annual scholarship for emerging female cyclists, and assist the five women injured in the crash in Germany.

"Like many Australians, I was affected by the death of Amy and injuries to her five team-mates, so the chance to support the aims of the Amy Gillett Foundation means a lot to me," Webber said.

A professional driver and enthusiastic cyclist, Webber said he was committed to the foundation's message that the road belongs to everyone. "If we are to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists on our roads, then all road users must respect each other's rights, whether they have two wheels or four," he explained.

Lorian Graham, one of Amy's injured team-mates attending the launch, commented: "It's not such a big ask for everyone to be more considerate. Cyclists should obey the rules and drivers should be aware of cyclists and exercise caution. What's more important - a couple minutes of your time or someone's life?"

Webber is joined by Australian Tour de France legend Phil Anderson as co-patron of the foundation. 2003 world junior pursuit champion Jessie MacLean, 20, was announced as the first recipient of the Amy Gillett Scholarship.

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