Family cycling guide launched

CTC wants to help families get on their bikes

Tots in trailers and mums and dads on tandems are just some of the subjects in a new family friendly cycling guide.

The CTC, the UK's largest cyclist membership organisation, has just published a book geared to getting families cycling safely and easily.

Helpfully named The CTC guide to family cycling, the book covers topics including:

• How to choose the safest child seat or child trailer.

• Trailer cycles and tandems explained.

• How to cycle with a child aboard.

• Buying your child their first bike.

• The best way to teach your child how to ride a bike.

• Cycling to school.

• When to buy a bigger bike and what to look for when you do.

Clothing and accessories to keep you all comfortable and secure.

• Essential skills for riding on and off-road.

• Great days out: the best places to ride your bikes.

• Tips to make your cycling trips a success.

Dan Joyce, the author of the guide, has been a cycling journalist since 1991 and is currently the freelance editor of Cycle, the CTC's magazine. 

Dan said: “Give your child a good bike and the skills and opportunities to use it and you’ll solve at a stroke everything that’s supposedly ‘wrong’ with 21st century childhood. Fresh air, exercise, freedom, fun – cycling does it all. It doesn’t matter whether you’re picnicking by a cycle path, cycling to school together, cycle-camping in the countryside or slaloming between pine trees on a mountain bike. Just ride.”

Dan is also the father of three boys and has almost 17 years’ experience of cycling with children.

He added:  “My youngest son wants to know when we’re going mountain biking next. My middle son happily cycles to friends’ houses several miles away, when his peers are cooped up in the parental ‘taxi’. My eldest was delighted to be asked by the doctor what sport he did, because the health check showed he was an athlete – even though he’s never done any sport; he just rides his bike.”

To order a copy of The CTC guide to family cycling call 01795 414824.

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