It was Dave Wardell's best World Cup result, that 11th at Kaprun, and he's made up with it. "He's a

Dave Wardell was 2nd fastest Brit at Kaprun
It was Dave Wardell's best World Cup result, that 11th at Kaprun, and he's made up with it. "He's as fast as anyone if he can stay on his bike," sums up the general feeling about Bullhead who has had very little support since leaving Team MBUK two years ago and has been paying his way through whip rounds at the local pub and a lot of scaffolding.

So second fastest Brit, what's all this?

"It was good. I know what they say and it's true I can be a bit twitchy on my downhill bike because I simply don't ride it enough between races. It's nobody's fault, I have to earn a living. But this result shows the difference if I do get to ride downhill more regularly.

"This time I was in Switzerland for two weeks doing shoots for MBUK and I was riding all the time. Not only riding, riding in the wet. It was really muddy the week before the race and I was riding every day, wet, off-camber, grassy Swiss hills. It was perfect preparation for Kaprun which was maybe a bit wetter, but basically the same."

"And I had my new bike. It's next year's GT I-drive with excellent Marzocchi Bomber 888 forks on it. And the I-drive was perfect for the course, easier to pedal and it keeps the pedals at the same height."

"Besides I like riding in the wet."

So do the other lads, usually, not this time seemingly?

"No, Peaty crashed I think, Will didn't get on with the course for some reason. It was hard to race on because it was so off camber.

"Good for me though and a great result at the end of the year. Something to show my sponsors."

What now? Back to the scaffolding?


Larger pics: Bullhead and Richard Batey, also sponsored by Gate8 and growing from a BSX specialist into a great downhill prospect.
Main pic: The big feller looking like the cat who's got the cream is MBUK snapper Steve Bardens. See that light? See that scenery? See that smile?
Pic 1: Pissing rain helped Dave prepare for muddy Kaprun
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