Fietsklik lockable luggage solutions - first look

Ever wanted to carry beer on your bike? Now you can

Fietsklik is a Dutch firm that has come up with a unique set of on-bike carrying solutions, with the aim of converting more car users into cyclists.

The system revolves around an adaptor, called the Klik, which attaches to a standard pannier rack and accepts a range of accessories. Each of these accessories simply clicks into place to provide a different luggage solution and can be locked in place with a key.

Essentially, the idea behind Fietsklik is to adapt your bike to use the luggage options to enable it to everything that your car can do.

The idea behind it came about a couple of years ago, when a Fietsklik employee attempted to carry a crate of beer by bike. Predictably, the beer and the bike parted ways, resulting in a stack for the rider, who then went home and researched the issue.

There was no product available that could transport beverages by bicycle, so Fietsklik developed its first and flagship accessory to meet that exact purpose – and it's called the Crate.

The Crate

The crate is capable of a lot more than its original purpose – to carry beer

As much as bikes and beer go together brilliantly, the ability to transport beer by bike was always going to be a niche demand, so the crate was designed to be suitable for many other purposes too. Like the rest of the accessories, the crate attaches and locks to the Klik adaptor. It's manufactured in the Netherlands from durable and recyclable polypropylene, and has room for 24 beers or a lot of shopping. The extendable handle and wheels at the base make it an ideal shopping companion. It even folds for storage and there's the option of weatherproof cover.


Fietsklik have designed three bags to work with the klik system:
Fietsklik have designed three bags to work with the klik system:

Fietsklik have designed three bags to work with the Klik system

Fietsklik have also produced three different bags that lock to the Klik adaptor. Each bag is made from water-resistant 600D polyester and features a recessed locking mechanism, so there's nothing to rub against your arm or leg while you're carrying it off the bike. Each bag is available in either black or grey.

The Urban Explorer is Fietsklik's urban messenger bag. Its emphasis is on versatility. There's a shoulder strap and three individual storage compartments.

The Big Shopper bag is for bigger loads, recommended as a set – they're said to be ideal for grocery shopping or transportation of wine (we're beginning to see a theme here!).

Finally there's the Urban Office bag, a smart-looking model with two narrow compartments for a laptop or documents. An outer compartment offers additional storage.

Child seat

Fietsklik child sea:
Fietsklik child sea:

A majority of the cash raised from the Kickstarter pledge will go towards the child seat's safety certification testing

The child seat is new development for Fietsklik. It's passed the design stage, and now needs to pass its safety certification. The child seat attaches to the Klik adaptor and features an additional lock at the front for added safety. Once completed, the certification will allow children of up to 22kg (48lb) to be transported.


Like many succesful startup ideas, Fietsklik have turned to the Kickstarter crowdsource website with a pledge to raise the funds necessary to get these products out there. It's working too, with the company having already raised more than half of the cash required. The majority of the cash raised from the Kickstarter pledge will go towards the child seat's safety certification testing.

The good news for potential investors is that Fietsklik are offering impressive prices to early adopters. Pledge US$99 and you'll get the Klik adaptor plus your choice of one of the clicking and locking bags or the crate accessory. Spend US$169 and you'll score the Klik adapter, a crate wheeled cargo carrier and a pair of Big Shopper pannier bags.The Klik, Crate and Bags are expected to arrive with investors in July. 

Should you wish to get behind the company's child seat, it's available in packages that start from US$215, though it's not due till April 2015.

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