First look: New Park Tools

Scale, saw guide, chain checkers, hex tools and spoke keys

Bike mechanics take note. Park Tool has introduced a few new tools to its already wide range.

DS-1 digital scale

Park Tool offers its own method for determining just how light (or heavy!) your machine is with the introduction of the new DS-1 Digital Scale.  The LCD readout displays in either kilograms or pounds with 10g/1oz resolution and Park claims an accuracy of 0.1 percent up to the 25kg (55lb) limit.

The twin-pronged hook provides a more stable anchor point than single hooks and the plastic housing, though somewhat bulky, can be either hung from above or clamped in a repair stand.  The DS-1 requires three AAA batteries; sadly, none are included.

Price: US$62.00

SG-7 oversized adjustable saw guide

Ah, integrated seatmasts... while they're undoubtedly trick-looking and sometimes lighter, cutting one can be rather nerve wracking.  Many such frames come with appropriate cutting guides but Park Tool's new SG-7 should handle the remainder and will likely make for a good addition to any shop's tool wall.

The plastic jaws grip well without undue marring and Park says the oversized dimensions will fit aero tubes up to 89mm (3.5") deep or round tubes from 32-45mm (1 1/4"-1 1/2") in diameter.

Price: US$29.00

CC-2 and CC-3 chain checkers

Drivetrain wear is an unfortunate fact of life but timely chain replacements can extend the life of costlier drivetrain components, thus saving money over the long run.  While some will continue to use the tried-and-true 12" ruler method to determine when a chain has seen its day, Park Tool takes much of the guesswork out of the process with its CC-2 and CC-3 chain checker gauges.  

The CC-2 offers a fancier interface and more intermediate readings while the less expensive CC-3 is a simpler ‘go, no go' gauge that will probably appeal to machinists and the like.  Both are compactly sized and easy to toss in a workbench drawer or toolbox.

Price: US$29.00 (CC-2); US$10.95 (CC-3)

HT-6, -8 and -10 hex tools

Standard 'L' keys sometimes just aren't enough to get the job done properly and Park Tool answers the call with its new HT-6, -8 and -10 hex tools.  The HT-8 and -10 provide plenty of leverage for crank bolts and pedals and the HT-10 extension is long enough to reach the fixing bolt on Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset.  

The HT-6 is a godsend for stubborn pedals although we wish it had even a bit more leverage for especially tough jobs.  All of the new tools also include beefy rubber-coated handles to help save your palms. You're on your own against that chainring, though.

Price: US$10.50 (HT-10); US$8.95 (HT-8 or HT-6)

SW-40 and SW-42 four-sided precision spoke keys

Park Tool's SW-40 and -42 spoke keys aren't exactly a new idea but their three-sided and four-cornered grip provides a far more secure hold on alloy nipples (or seized brass ones) than standard wrenches regardless, thus reducing the chance of stripped wrench flats.  The familiar vinyl-coated steel design and comprehensive Park warranty are on hand, too.  

The SW-40 mirrors Park's standard ‘black' three-sided wrench for use with 3.23mm (0.127") nipples while the SW-42 is an analogue to the standard ‘red' wrench for use with 3.45mm (0.136") nipples.  

Price: US$7.95

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