Free bikes with new homes in Wiltshire, UK

Bricks and wheels in environmental promo

Families in Wiltshire will get free bikes if they move onto a new housing estate.

Developers Persimmon Homes are working to minimise congestion with green travel incentives for their scheme in Salisbury. The company has pledged to spend some £1,500 on bikes, cycle route maps and bus passes for each of the 640 new homes to be built at Old Sarum.

The firm also plans to create two joint pedestrian/ cycleways to link the estate with the rest of the city's cycle network. There will be a separate cycle route connecting the estate to local schools.

Local cycling campaigners have praised the plans.

Jimmy Walker of Cycling Opportunities Group Salisbury said: "COGS are very pleased to see that the travel initiatives discussed back in 2003 are still in place and will provide safer cycle routes to the existing cycleways, connecting to the Beehive and Pearce Way and on through to the rest of the city.

"Such initiatives will help make Salisbury one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country."

Work on the project is already underway.

Families who move into the new estate will be given vouchers for two adult bikes, and cycling and walking maps.

A pair of bus passes valid for one year across Salisbury will also be provided.

A Salisbury District Council spokeswoman said: "The incentives of bus passes and bikes for new residents forms a pioneering approach, making Old Sarum one of only a handful of new residential developments across the country that offers these types of measures to positively encourage less car use.

"All of this will ensure residents can access the city centre by bike to work, shop or study."

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