Freire to miss Tour?

Oscar Freire admits that he has not been able to train for three weeks because of a pelvis injury th

Oscar Freire admits that he has not been able to train for three weeks because of a pelvis injury th


Oscar Freire is starting to reconsider his future programme because the pelvis injury that has stopped him training for the past three weeks is showing no sign of clearing up. The world champion has damaged the ischium bone, the lower part of the pelvis that supports someone's weight when they sit down.

Speaking to Marca, Freire revealed that "I haven't trained since Lige-Bastogne-Lige. They looked at the injury in Holland and told me that three weeks of rest would resolve it, and I've done that now. But it is a difficult area to deal with and it is still inflamed, but I am going to go out training for an hour today (Friday) to see if it still hurts."

Freire is trying to spend as little time as he can sitting down, but is afraid that once he gets back into the saddle the injury will flare up. This has meant changes to his race programme as he moves towards a scheduled participation in the Tour de France. "I will now do the Tour of Switzerland before the Tour, but I don't know what my condition will be like then, although it is certain that it will be less than 100%."

According to Marca, if Freire misses the Tour, he will then opt to ride the Vuelta as preparation for the defence of his world title in Madrid in September. For the time being, though, the Spaniard is spending a lot of time watching the Giro on TV. "I haven't got anything else to do," he said. "Some days I feel envious because these stages would suit me more than those at the Tour." As for the Cooke/Bettini incident, Freire reckoned that his former Mapei team-mate Bettini "closed down on Cooke in a very obvious way".

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