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The Redbull Rampage is one of the most intimidating events to arrive at knowing you have to ride. Yo

So what's it like riding the monster, red, Utah peaks in the Red Bull rampage? Gee Atherton reports
The Redbull Rampage is one of the most intimidating events to arrive at knowing you have to ride. You come at it through the gnarly landscape of Utah, round one of the peaks and there are the Redbull flags, marking the boundaries of the course.

And between the flags there's just a mess of rocky cliffs, all crumbling into each other. Somewhere amongst that rubble I'm supposed to find a line to ride down!

It's an amazing atmosphere, quite impossible to describe on paper.

On the first day of practise nearly all the riders choose to swap there bikes for shovels and spend the day digging their own lines. Not everyone struggled alone - Bender had an entourage of seven people to build his 60 ft monster huck, whilst other riders opted for smoother, more technical, lines because of new rules which mean that if you make mistakes you lose big points.

Unfortunately, even the technical lines proved to much for me and the first qualifying run sent me to hospital with nailed ribs and bruised everything.

Still the most fun riding I did all year!

The finals were held on a different ridge, meaning riders had only a few hours to find their new routes, but the good guys still came up with the goods building some sweet lines.

Glyn O'Brien was even shovelling a new line between his two runs, which must have paid off, he got a 3rd.

North Van. rider Andrew Shandro pulled off 2nd place, leaving the win to the daft Frenchman, Cedric Gracia, who did a back flip mid-run - something he'd decided to learn only the day before/Gee
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